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got a few problems. my break peddle gets real stiff and the breaks start to drag slowing me down i park it for about 20 mins or so end they release i replaced the calipers hub bearings some pleasure hoses master cylender brake booster the pads blead them worked great than the same thing this all started after it sat for about 3 months.. also i just got my third battery its now an inerstate and it turns over like the battery is dead but it not thought something might be draining it. cold weather it wont hardly turn over and not start. that and i have this kinda tick or knock on pass side of enginge my uncle tell me it a fuel injector my oil pressure gauge is kinda low right on the line before it reads low when im driveing the pressure raises alitte but the pressure is low when it warms up any answers i have put so much money into this car and realy dont want to get rid of it other than all them probs its been a great car great power pick up speed its a 5 speed 2.5 ltr. oh my bad this was to be on the need help trouble is defintley a fun car thats the reason im still willing to put more money into it
Bought my 1993 Probe SE 4 cyl 2.0 litre 16 valve 5 speed (teal blue/black cloth interior) on New Years Eve in 1995 with 27K miles and sold it in 2003 with 176K when it was still running great! Great/dependable car, with little maintenance needed throughout the years! The SE model came fairly loaded, but I added a flip up/take off sunroof that was installed by Ziebart (yes! the undercoating guys!) and they did a very clean/wonderful job! Excellent snow traction, smooth, quiet ride, sits low like a sports car, and fun to drive. This year model had some fading paint issues from Ford, so maybe you can pick up a model that had a re-spray. My only real complaint was the wheel bearings that went out at about 70K but they were covered under the extended warranty. Just maintained regular maintentance with oil changes/brakes/battery/tires, and you couldn't ask for much more dependability! Mazda engines still rocked in the early 90's! These are little rocket/thumpers and very fun to drive with a manual transmission! I would buy another one if I can find one that wasn't beat to death! You take care of this car, and it will take care of you! WARNING! Don't buy the 6 cylinder, 2.5 liter! That engine leaks antifreeze into the oil, leading to blown head gaskets or worse!
i am just in love with this car
Really good starter car if kept in good condition! No problems until trying to hook up my stereo and messed up some stuff... Workin on it now,, But an all around good car!
fast fun easy to mantain car
This was a decent car til 60K miles. After that everything was needing maintenance/repair. Had to sell it because it simply became too expensive to keep.
107k and runnin great thanks to the Mazda engine.

Also not cramped like a civic. Nice arm room instead of being scrunched.
I have over 190k miles on this car and I really like it still. The only problems are that the ext. paint has spotty oxidation (sort of) that keeps getting worse and the cloth seats wore through sooner than I expected. In 10/96, I was having intermittant problems with it starting and had the battery, starter and battery terminals changed. It was wet weather that Oct, and now, all of a sudden after a big rainstorm, it again died and wouldn't start. Otherwise, it's a zippy little car and living in the mtns, I find it fun to drive the mtn roads. It handles well and hugs the road.
i have a 95 probe gt 5 speed great car fast and it handle's great,i put header's full exhaust and a cold air intake on it and it is a whole new car 0 to 60 in probly 5 1/2 second's now it is also very reliable never had much trouble with it at all and rusting out is defently not a issue with these car's i havent seen one rust out yet,great car i highly recomend geting in one.
First off, I can only speak for the 5 speed GT. Really fun car to drive. Nice feel, good power and handling. Nice looker too. Always get looks at the stop light or kids wanting to race. Be prepared though, expensive to maintain. A good set of wires could run you over $100. Limited production and in my opinion, soon to be sought after classic.
The leather upholstery recently started ripping at the seams, but other than that, if taken care of with proper maintenance and regular tune ups, this car will last you a long time!