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Best fun car I have ever had. I am original owner of my 2005 GT Mustang coupe looks like ten years ago purchased off the Ford dealers lot. Now a decade later driving my car 80,000 miles she still rides smooth being a tidy bow ever owned this car is very flawless. Did put in through the test driving to NY but never did disappoint me driving with stainless steel interior with a beautiful maroon color exterior. Has automatic and 6 cylinder the handles beautifully can't believe actually still driving my Mustang. For a sports car gets good fuel economy and with cost of maintenance this car is not bad at all running on Synthetic oil runs forever. I've had several mechanics telling me this car will last another 60,000 miles doing excellent job keeping up the low maintenance does have some hail damage some body parts otherwise car is a beast ever. Overall still having lots of fun driving my Mustang excellent performance replaced just the minor things as a normal vehicle needs after been driving a while. Wouldn't trade my Mustang for another or look getting new vehicle purchased because this car is running fine at now driving it 140,000 miles no mechanical issues out of nothing I would recommend getting this car absolutely love my Mustang best car ever purchased being first Ford product.
I had, a 1996 Ford Mustang, it was a great car, I had it for 13 years, it was dependable, it ran great, even though i did not do a lot of upkeep for it. No complaints about it, just the last years I had the car, it started finally falling apart. Had to day good bye to it. I would get another Mustang.
Had my 2005 Mustang 3.0 v6 Convertible since March 2006. Had 23K when purchased, BEST CAR I HAVE EVER OWNED. Now it's 10 years old and 117K and still looks and drives like a new car. Yes.....only use synthetic oil, treat it like a baby and rarely do I go somewhere with or without the top down - receive compliments. Just sayin'- still love the Retro look of 2005. It's a keeper.
Decent so far 140000 miles and I just changed the exhaust manifold thinking it was cracked but loose bolt and the manifold that was in, was still the stock dealer ships and looked brand new gasket was shot but 14 year old manifold looked brand new I like it keep up on maintainer though
I own a 2000 mustang and it's been a very reliable car. It has around 140,000 miles on it and has required very little work. And I'm not a gentle driver,,,so if it can hold up to me then it's a well made car. The body style is very attractive to look at. And it delivers speed when I need it. I plan on keeping this car for the duration and replacing parts as needed. Good job Ford.
I have 130k miles on my 06 mustang GT. Runs great
No major issues. I have aftermarket air intake, exhaust, performance tires, and performance tune. I ride it rough... I love it!!! (Manual trans)
I think it has one of the better Mustang styles. I am in process of doing the brakes, suspention, lowering and a couple of other goodies to it. Awesome car
Got new in Nov of 2010. So far have had many problems. Intermittent climate controll a/c blows warm air sometimes body is rusting. Steering wheel coming apart. Now have to keep adding coolant no leaks found no longer under warranty. Transmission is jerky. Good power for v6. Nice body style. Going to be my last ford purchase
I own a 2011 Mustang base that is only 2 years old and is now in the shop a second time for AC problems. The first time there was a crack in the hose to the compressor and now they are telling me my relay is out.. Sorry AC if it can't even last 2 years.
Power steering assist failure warning. Power steering stops working. This is a major problem, safety issue, can lose steering ability while driving.
all break lock up
car is tough and can take a good beating. i got my car with 136k miles on it and it still runs like its in its racing years! good gas mileage!
I purchased my 03 mustang v6 coupe in 04 with 24000 miles now has 163000 on it and runs like a dream I have replaced the tranny once but was my fault so replaced with t5 from ford racing I have no complaints about this car and is still considered my baby. It has the pony package so basicly its a GT with a v6 also did not like the handling when I bought the car so changed the rims to 17x9.5 car now handles like it is on rails apparently the suspension setup on the 03 works great with wider rims and tires, have modified it and unmodified it many times over the years. including supercharger kit heads have been shaved a bit aluminum flywheel and so fourth the car actually still has the same battery in it from the factory I love this car and will never get rid of it just goes to show exactly what kind of cars ford is producing
p.s this car has in no way ever been babied and will not be anytime soon
I rated reliability for the 2012 V6 Convertible only 3-stars simply because I've only owned it for a few weeks so it's too early to tell. I did want to report on two issues. 1) The V6 model doesn't come with a spare tire - the first car I've owned that didn't have one. According to Ford's web site: "Neither a full-sized nor a mini-spare tire is available from production as an option." And, 2) Water leaks into the trunk. Being repaired as I type this - according to a Google search this problem plagued Mustang convertibles in previous model years as well. :-(
there are times when I can not take the key out the ignition HELP has any one had this problem ? thanks
I bought my 01 back in feb 04 45000 miles .99800 miles now It is a alright Car i wanted the GT model due to the bigger engine slightly better suspension. In some ways i am wishing i did .

the suspension is alright for my Tastes Even with 29 MM anti Sway bar in the front and a 25 mm in the back the car rides stiffer

The engine is solid. no denying it. its easy to work on. it produces enough HP They say 194 hp stock. It will spin the tires without a line lock to help it along. it will get it to 100+ pretty quickly. easy to mod its only 70 ish hp off from the v8 add a few mods dyno it your on par with the v8. Only thing I have a complaint about. The car is a complete dog with the ac on. don't expect to take off fast when you use it.

The exhaust manifolds will break They are cheap and break at the welds. Then removing them is a chore. studs are the best.. break em you mind as well bring it to a mechanic. if yours didnt break You are extremely Lucky . I replaced mine with 1998 3.8 Oem fit headers fit like a glove. IT is also a known Defect in the car itself..

only things i had to replace are 2 calipers 2 rotors and 1 sets of pads new struts. oil changes tires . one batt. so the Car over all is Extremely reliable. The brake issue was my fault the brake fluid was burning up due to the manifold being cracked and Blowing the exhaust heat on the master cyl. made my fluid go bad and was freezing my calipers.

Rock solid car reliable Decent gas mileage if you buy one make sure it had Only 1 owner..
The only thing I really dont like is how light the rear end is, but what is up with the abs brakes? Ive had the whole brakes redone and the light is still on, why? can anyone tell me??? Ive had it from day one and it still looks good, clean body and nice style, 35th anv edition, Where can I find a cheap shop that replaces the top, it has strectched alittle (being its and 11 yr olc car) in san antonio, tx.
Right out of the blue I have a whinning sound that seems to be coming from behind the driver or passenger. It's annoying plus I need to fix it.
have had to replace front tie rods inner and outter and ball joints, air conditioning trouble ... compressor will not come on, good on everything else
2011 Mustang Premium, Pony Pac, V6, MT with 10K miles. Great car, I'm like "a possum eatin' yellow jackets" when driving it - can't quit smiling. However, around 2500-2750 RPM on deceleration in 3rd gear (most noticeable), there's a vibration / roar in the cabin (shakes dash at times). Recently serviced, I was told vibration was normal...I say BS. Apparently, the dual mass flywheel springs are the culprit. It would be ironically funny to me if Ford used this flywheel to help with NVH (noise, vibration and harshness).
2000 Ford Mustang drives and handles well on dry roads, good on wet roads, has a little sway at higher speeds but still handles well has good response in body sway. Good gas mileage, quiet engine some road noise inside cabin on some roads but otherwise quiet and comfortable with good quality tires. Suspension is firm and steering is responsive. Heating and air conditioning work well air conditioning very cold. No electrical problems noted. Drive train has a slight vibration during quick stops. Interior is comfortable during long trips, driver side seat has electric adjustments while passenger side has only manual adjustments, seat belts are positioned too close to door and seat, difficult to retrieve from side of door and seat. interior is mostly plastic but feels sturdy. Bought this car used with 73,000 miles on it, it's been very reliable so far, only had the camshaft position sensor replaced recently and even with that problem the car ran beautifully no problems. I love this car and am slowly adding improvements such as high performance parts like K&N filters and synthetic oils will also add high performance spark plug wires and some chrome interior improvements, you can always rely on a Ford.
Never selling this car. Fits like a glove.
I have had my V6 stang for 4 1/2 years. I bought it used and have had to replace the alternator and the engine just went out. It has 104k miles, but I think the engine problem was my fault for not keeping up with maintenance. I love the car and am going to fix it.
i bought my stang in 2006. it had 40,000 miles on it. this is my second stang. it has never failed to start. it a hell of a car except for the brakes. i have had to replace the brakes and i mean rotors, callipers, hoses all of it about twice a yr. im getting ready to get rid of it cause of this. its bankrupted me over this issue. now when i turn the wheel it squeeks so i assume something with the tie rods or what have you are bad. replaced the clutch at 120,000. replaced alt and battery at 130,000. on second set or tires which are very expensive. had to replace exhaust and convertor at 140,000. that was some major money. now the car is bucking and jerking. had it looked at and they cant seem to find what is wrong with it. bought fuel line clean out but it didnt help. its going up for sale. cant deal with all the money issues any longer.
I have owned my 98 v6 for 4 years now. ( this car has been passed down to me from family) I am very pleased with it. Car is deff not the fastest. fun to drive. obviously not that great in the snow. had the break master cylinder go out on me while on the highway @ 145k miles( very scary) Thanks to the manual i was able to slow it down by down shifting. replaced clutch at 130K miles ( from stock). The car is fairly easy to work on. All in all i have had very good luck with this car it now has 180K miles and i do regular preventative maintenance on it and it has treated me well. going to be very hard to part with it, if i am ever able to.
I am the proud owner of a 180k mile GT. I bought it in 2004 with 75k miles, and haven't looked back. It was a 1 owner car with complete service history and an over-protective Owner (My favorite). Unfortunately '98 was the las year before the "PI" engines came out, so it is a little lacking in power. However, the 5-speed gearbox makes up for it. 1st is geared low enough to hit the "sweet spot" quickly, and yet 5th is geared low enough to cruise on the highway at 60MPH and 1500RPM (or 80MPH @ 2000RPM if you are interested). Typical of the SN-95 mustangs, they ride a little high, but with some experience, turn in and the ride quality can be managed with throttle control. Unfortunately at high speeds (120MPH+) the front end tends to float badly, but lowering and a more aerodynamic bodykit, etc. can assist this... Although who really needs to go that fast (ducks head). The Intake manifold must be replaced due to the coolant crossover being plastic and cracking/leaking into the spark plug holes, but this is a fairly inexpensive replacement, and the perfect opportunity to replace the Idle Air Control, and anything else you want to replace that just wears over time (and you want to preventatively replace). Brakes are strong, and with high quality pads, and downshifting assist can stop "on a dime". The headlights do "fog" badly, and are very dim, but for a couple hundred bucks and an hour or so free time, and you can replace them with high visibility aftermarket lenses which are ALWAYS an excellent upgrade in any vehicle (especially when over 10 yrs old). The heat is scalding, and the air is Freezing... not much more to say about that. Many people prefer to replace the exhaust to get rid of the ridiculously large amount of heat shields, and to improve sound quality, but even if you can't afford it, this vehicles stainless steel exhaust has a nice soft rumble at idle that amplifies several decibels under acceleration. It is a thoroughly enjoyable car, fun to drive, still turns heads, and above all, is VERY inexpensive ranging from $4,000-$7,000 in my area depending on mileage, and aftermarket improvements. (P.S. - Did I mention I AVERAGE 22MPG with a '98 muscle car?)
I drove a Mustang convertible around for a week on my vacation and it was a dog. It was the 6 cylinder model, but I did expect it to have a bit more pickup and handle turns better. It felt like driving a boat. I wish the suspension was tighter.
I bought my car with 15,000 miles on it in 2003, it is now over 200,000 miles in 2010. Throughout the years the starter went out, I replaced the rubber grommet to keep the fuel tank from leaking, Alternator replaced. Had a minor car accident that was professionally taken care of by Moore's Buick here in Jacksonville NC and regular routine maintenance but other than that it's a great car. I keep my car garaged everyday to slow the aging process from the outside elements. The car is regularly waxed and cleaned to keep it looking like new. Rain now sneaks in to my convertible behind the rear seat. I'm still trying to figure a good way to fix that. I also am trying to figure out how to fix my key remote without spending too much on it. I can't complain though the car is over 10 years old and it's still a very reliable car. I am planning to keep it awhile longer so that my son can enjoy it when he is on his own. It still looks like new and I still get plenty of comment on how great my car looks from friends and strangers.