Ford Freestyle Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your Ford Freestyle

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The national average repair and maintenance cost for a Ford Freestyle is between $469 and $574 per year. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age, mileage, location and service provider.

Ford Repair Estimates
2006 Ford Freestyle
Spark Plug Replacement
$301 - $401
2007 Ford Freestyle
Throttle Position Sensor Replacement
$112 - $217
2006 Ford Freestyle Location: Both Sides
Strut/Shock Absorber Replacement - Front
$429 - $558
2007 Ford Freestyle Location: Rear
Brake Pad Replacement
$107 - $206
2006 Ford Freestyle Location: Both Sides
Ball Joint Replacement - Lower
$153 - $359

Ford Freestyle Problems

Check Engine Light and Poor Throttle Response

A defective electronic throttle body (ETB) can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate and could have limited to no throttle response. Our technicians tall us that replacing the electronic throttle body will commonly correct this concern.

Rear Brakes Wear Out Abnormally Fast

If the rear brakes wear out abnormally fast, this can be caused by defective rear brake pads. The rear wheels may also appear to become excessively dusty. They should be replaced with revised brake pads, and all wheel drive (AWD) vehicles should replace front brake pads as well.

Transmission Shifter is Hard To Move

Binding of the shifter slider can make the transmission shifter difficult to move. Replacing the bezel should fix this problem.

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Ford Freestyle Questions

The heat isn't blowing hot air when I'm idle and the car is running. (1 answer)

But it is blowing hot air while we drive.

my check engine light just came on, how do I check to see what is wrong or reset (2 answers)

the check engine light just came on tonight

Is there any thing to look out for when replacing the front wheel bearing? (1 answer)

Im having a front wheel bearing replaced on a 2008 Ford Freestyle AWD. Is there anything I should look out for when doing the work?

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Ford Freestyle Reviews

This car the most unreliable piece of junk I've ever been unfortunate enough to own! It should/will be recalled. Some gremlin in the wiring or computer system randomly causes errors frequently; dash light warnings come on when nothing is wrong, doors will not open or close at times, loses power while driving, abs engages when not needed. Several mechanics can find nothing wrong with it.
We bought our '07 used with 87k on it and couldn't be happier. We're a busy family with two kids and a dog and the versatility this car provides is amazing! Haven't had any problems other than the regular services. I would recommend this car to anyone.
I do like this car. not as well appointed as other suv's in its class but it's been reliable and fun. good throttle response, quick smooth acceleration. maybe a little loud at freeway speed, but overall nice ride. better fuel mileage would also be a plus.

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