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Ford E-150 (11 Reviews)
back doors seem to always leak on all ford vans. blower motor, blower motor switch and resistor have problems.replaced one of these at least 5 times. front ends on ford vans are notoriously bad. i have had to replace front end twice. rust on bottom edges more than on other vans or cars. also i have had to replace coil pack. other than these problems van is fine.
around the rain gutters on top of roof are beginning to rust and last week truck 5 yrs old bought new I stopped at a light and engine began speeding up with foot on break and chek engine light came on and as I drove on the gas pedal was feeling real weak not responding well at all after about 5 miles I shut it off for about 30 minutes then when I started it back up everything was ok truck has 26000 miles
purchased 8 months ago with 113,500 miles cargo sad thing previous owner couldnt even do the basics i installed for first time of life of van cap rotor wires plugs 02 sensor shocks coils frt now feels like new no problem love every pennie invested very powerful and efficient 4.9 6 cyl everything was was factory sticker fomoc on parts
Great van ,except has leaking problem around rear of van, sealed around brake light, but van has a bad wandering problem, will sway very easy.Just put 100,000 miles on it took about 20 years to do that .Raining hard, cranked up fine, shut off, found badly burnt spot on EEC module by brake booster ,under hood. Part ordered, will look for short before new installation. Lights are dim, and engine is 4.9 straight 6 cly,So power for a 6 cly. good for that year.Still enjoy the van . One other bad point cables to door ,get old and break, and aren't cheap.
When pushing brake gear shifte will not release. Cant find location of fuse
my ford E150 club wagon with only 46'000 on it the fuel guage dont work and the temp guage dont work can any one help thanks
upper & lower ball joints, outer tie rods all replaced poor quality on original ford parts. rear heater hose crosses over back frame rail will rub and wear thru hose just give it time. battery will slowly drain dead if van not driven at least once every couple of weeks to recharge.transmission up shift failures due to failed/faulty shift solenoid signals. hope everyone pulled original plugs ASAP replace with double platinum tip and antisieze on threads not a fun job. air box shutter will fail due to poor mfg. no heat or no air depends on position it breaks.
this van has steering problems since day one. returned it to the dealer the first week of ownership and many times since. checked specs on suspension and steering, aligned several times, replaced numerous suspension and steering parts including steering box, still wanders.
I do a lot of fleet work on these vehicles and the suspensions are built tough, just have to put good quality parts back in them
I have a conversion van bought brand new.. It is a great ride on long trips, very comfortable. It is a great engine..
I like the body style, especially the front end with the big lights and the chrome grille package. the brakes are great, but they are a little touchy. the drivetrain is very smooth. almost don't notice the transmission shifting. though the lights are working properly I would like to see some on the doors for when a person exits the vehicle. Though the engine appears to be reliable I feel it lacks the power necessary for such a large machine. The exhaust is quiet which is great for my business, but I personally think the manufacturer should greatly consider high performance air intake filters and a nice 3" exhaust just to boost the horsepower in order to save on gas and it also helps the engine to breathe better which would put less strain on it ultimately increasing engine life/performance. Both heating and a/c are working and very powerful. I like the suspension, but the steering is much tougher than my other vehicle which is 7 years older. Overall on a scale of 1-10 I personally rate this vehicle as a 7. Though I have not owned the van very long and it is brand new I know the ball-joints are gonna be a problem. I really wish FORD would do something about that! It has been such an issue for so long. I'm not sure what they are waiting for. I also have the high-back seats (driver&front pass.). The top of the seat forces me to tip my head forward which after a while becomes very uncomfortable. I think it should go straight up rather than curve forward. Ultimately it's not a bad buy, but I have not testdrove any other makes (CHEVY,DODGE etc.). Hope this rating helps all who read it.