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  • 1995 Ford Aspire
    Visitor, Burlingame, KS, February 03, 2011 13:57
    1995 Ford Aspire. We bought this car in 1990 with 30K on it. It has been a great car. It is a 5 speed. It has held up to hitting deer, more than 5 needs a little body work afterwords but still runs well. I have about 190K on it and the only thing we have done is minor, had to replace the transmission once but did that thru a local guy which cost vitually nothing. Replaced the alternator and that's about it. I know there are other aspires that aren't near as good but I'm shooting for 200K. The engine is a little weak but I have lots of power. I can drive 80 or 85 as necessary on the interstate. I am still getting between 35 and 42 mpg on this car depending on the speed that I am driving. My family is trying to get me to get another car but this one still works well with great gas mileage. They can be a good car.
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  • 1997 Ford Aspire
    Visitor, Lake, MI, September 14, 2010 19:56
    At 106,000miles great gas milage 38 to 42 run as fast as you like. My son drove me 200 miles in the speed range 70 to 85mph and it seem to have no trouble. Ive never had a ticket,And if I was to get 1 this would be the i will get it in always going faster then i should . A great car , I hope it runs a long time. Very Happy
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  • 1997 Ford Aspire
    nwdreamin, Canby, OR, May 13, 2009 15:49
    We bought our Aspire in 1998 with 26 miles on it (4 of which I put in on the test drive). We are at 167,000+ miles and I just had the front R/L Axle (CV) replaced. We haven't kept up with the Maintenance but this car has been a CHAMP!!!! This car has been used for a family of four, a dj equipment hauler, & long trips (2 w/kids & 4 w/o kids). This car has been from the Canadian Border to the Arizona Border & back a couple of times. Just think how much better this car would run for us had we been better at the upkeep. For gas mileage, people under 6', & for basic travel this car has my vote.
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  • 1995 Ford Aspire
    munkyrench, Boss, MO, October 29, 2008 16:40
    This may be the most aptly named "car" on the road. The dictionary def. of Aspire is "to seek to attain or accomplish a particular goal", and in this case that goal is for one day to be a real car! I rented one for a week because my car was in the shop and it had no power and a very inexpensive feel about the whole thing. I guess that's what you get for less than $10k.
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