Drive Shaft

By Bret Bodas, April 14, 2008

The drive shaft(s) transmit the power (torque) created by the engine to the front (front wheel drive), rear (rear wheel drive), or front and rear (four wheel drive) of the vehicle as required.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Drive Shaft

  • Clunking when you accelerate or shift between drive and reverse
  • Squeak type noise while driving
  • Vibration while driving

Drive Shaft Related Repair Advice

  • The drive shaft commonly refers to the component that transmits the engine's torque from the front to the rear of the vehicle
  • The drive shaft may contain flexible joints that accommodate the movement of the differential as it moves up and down with the rear suspension.
  • Modification of the vehicle ride height can change the drive shaft angle. This can result in abnormal drive shaft vibration.
  • A 4WD vehicle may have a front and rear drive shaft

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