Door Ajar Warning Light

March 28, 2017

Unlike other warning lights that pop up on the dash, the ‘door ajar’ warning light can easily be deciphered, and the correction is usually done in a matter of seconds. The warning will come in a variety of ways, depending on the make, model, and year of your car. The warning light may be a picture of a car illustrating which door is open, the words ‘Door Ajar’ may light up on your instrument panel, the interior lights will likely be turned on, and the sound of rushing air from one portion of the car, even with windows rolled up, will be another sign something's not quite right.

What Does the ‘Door Ajar’ Warning Light Mean?

The door ajar light, contrary to its’ name, does not only mean a passenger door is open. In most vehicles, the warning sounds when the hood is not latched properly, or the trunk or liftgate are not closed properly. Generally, all that is required is to pull the vehicle over in a safe location, away from traffic, and reclose the door, hood, or trunk that is left open.

Can I Drive With the Door Ajar Warning Light on?

Yes, the vehicle will operate, but you should be sure that everything is properly closed, and the interior lights are out before driving. Driving with the interior lights on is against the law in many locations. Safety is at risk when the doors or hood have not latched properly, and the trunk, left open, may do a nice job of scattering belongings along the roadway.

The doors have a much greater chance of coming open when closed not securely, and if the hood latch is overcome by the amount of wind generated from driving, it can lift into the windshield. The only time it is safe to drive a vehicle with this warning on is if the light is on erroneously.

How Do I Fix the Door Ajar Warning Light?

As mentioned, the normal fix is to find out what was left open and close it. Many times, there may be an obstacle to closing the door, trunk or hood, so make sure that all items are out of the way before forcing shut.

If the vehicle is closed up tight, but the light is still on, there may be an issue with wiring, the body control module, driver door module (select vehicles), or possibly an issue with the switch at one of the doors.



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