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4WD Electronic engagement never worked. Had it in 4WD 6 Times, the motor that engages it went out 4 times making it un-usable.

Brake issue explained.bought my 2001 Dodge Dakota in 2001 with 7k miles on it and was pleased with it until the brakes started to get hot under normal use, and it continued to get worse.Sometimes it was fine for a few weeks but it kept coming back. So I took it to the dealer, they checked it and test drove it and as usual it didn't act up that day. The prob continued and took it back a second time, no action was taken. This was around 12k miles I divided to replaced the pads and it was fine for 1k miles then the same. So I again replaced the pads and rotors my self with a better brand. All was well for about 5k miles. And problem cane back, worse than before. My new pads and rotors were burnt.
I took it back to the dealer but this time I drove it around until they stuck and pulled in to the dealer. Told them to drive it now and verify the problem. Of course they waited to long and they cooled, fortunately I took a time/date stamped pic of them smoking hot when I first pulled in, I was smoking hot by then too.
They reluctantly replaced everything from the booster master cyl, lines pads and rotors. Worked great for 4-5k miles and the problem is back and of course the warranty ran out, so never did get it fixed.
I think it may be related to the ABS controller, cause when they start sticking it pulsates making the front bounce when I brake. Once they get very hot truck bounceseven when I'm not breaking.
I've only got 70k miles on this truck, and rarely drive it because of the prob.I have put 6 sets of pads and 3 sets of rotors on it. Thought about buying an expensive brand name brake kit on it, but if its the ABS controller it would likely do the same. Like to keep the truck but its just not reliable enough to trust more than a few miles from home. I won't knowingly sell it to anyone know it has this problem. Maybe I should trade it back in where I bought it just to get even with them.
Anyone heard of anything like this?
I welcome any opinions.
I Love my 1993 Dodge Dakota. I am female and have got completely ripped off on repairs. I was lied to ,cheated out of a lot,alot, of money. All say,"its a Dodge" like a problem child. The only problem was they were all liars and thieves and wanted it. So they dogged the Dodge. I still got it and they don't! They(as in "mechanics or just men talking crap about it.),LOL. literally tried to steal it three times on mechanical issues,that were reasonable, if I had gone to an honest mechanic the first time. Had to find one ,it took time and a lot of money later. I paid and paid the thieves. When taken care of ,it is the truck!
Bought my 2000 Dakota in 2003 with 40000 miles on it. I do the maintenance at the recommended time. The transmission went at 56000miles and was rebuilt under the extended warranty. At 61000 miles the evaporater core went. Has 90000 miles on it now, original 3.9L engine still running strong. No rust on it. Will keep it till it quits.
Nell, I have the same issue, love the truck had it from basically new with 14,000 mi. now having 171,000 but last year started having issues of shutting down all of a sudden main computer was replaced and did fine for 9 months and back to same issue !
Currently have 114,500 miles with minimal problems. Recently had to replace upper ball joints, tie rod ends and both front wheel bearing assemblies plus the fan motor resistor with its electrical harness. Only one re-occouring problem .. the Crank and Cam sensors go out during extreme cold weather in Minnesota each of last 3 years. Also have the same problem as many others with the ticking noise upon startup during cold weather. Great starting truck as it starts every time in our extreme cold Minnesota Winters and NOTE its parked outside.
What a piece of junk 130, 000 miles and so far since owning this 2000 from brand new replaced the rotors the first year, heatercore, a/c compressor, rust is eating the roof in the corners and the latest is the gas tank straps have rotted through and the undercarriage is nothing but rust and parts are just falling off their mounting points.Then theirs the transmission just had to replace the governor and compositor after following all the mfg maintenance schedule . Don't expect this truck to last much longer before the frame just rust through, oh yes I must mention the front and rear bumpers are also rusting to the point of holes
10 years and just normal wear items 85000 miles just replaced 1 fuel injector. followed schedule in manual still going with no issues used as everyday street vehicle
I have a 2007 dakota slt quad cab and failure is when you have lost the pedal fall to the rev 0
I have a 2020 Dodge Dakota club cab, with the 4.7, SLT. I have this truck sinse it had about 17000 on it and now has 138,000. I replaced the front brakes at 60000 and the rear at 100,000 plus and the only reason I replace them was because a pease of the barke pad was broke, so I replaced the pads,hardware,and drums because they had to beat the drums off to the check the breaks. No work on the engine except plugs,pvc and some minor thing that needed to be replaced when I reached 100,000. I have replaced the tramission fluid twice,and coolent every 5 years, both due again soon). Body still looks good, no major damage. Except for the deer that hit me, yes I said hit me. All repairs were done and done good. The truck was rated 14/16 new, But I get 15/18 and even once got 21 mpg. I use all amsoil products ,oil,oil filter,air filter and transmisson fluid. All do great. The only thing I wish is that I could get better gas milage. Wish they still made the dakota, I would buy another one.
2005 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab 4x4 the only problem I have is the transmission runs at higher RPM when truck warms up. If the truck has to run @2000RPM check engine line will come on and transmission will get hot.
I bought my Dakota from a Dodge dealership in 2004 with 30,000 miles on it. All maintenance has been done by the selling dealership, and for having 160,000 miles now, maintenance requirements have bee acceptable with two exceptions. I have an extended cab SXT in 2WD with the 3.9 V-6 engine. Unlike my previous 1997 Dakota, which had the exact same engine and displacement, same transmission and differential, this truck has had poor engine performance. No bottom, mid-range, or top end through all gears, and just downright sluggish. But even worse than that is the water pump. I've just recently been told the 4th water pump that's been in the truck is now going out. Aside from the original water pump that went 70k, I've averaged from 13-31,000 between water pumps!! And its unfortunate, since I have liked the look of the Dakota, the handling, and the mid-size.
I have had my Dakota tor 2 years and other than the brakes I have had no trouble. This vehicle has well over 100,000 miles and runs great. This is a quad cab with no issues and is m favorite vehicle to drive. In my driving life I have owned several of all brands of pickup trucks including some Dodges and find then a reliable vehicle with the exception of the brakes and this has been an issue with Chrysler since the late 1960's that I am aware of.
I have a 94 2wd 3.9 manual. 65,000 miles I know the rust will be the killer of this truck. Dodge dakota's rust around the fender walls.
Repairs i have had done, only because i thought necessary are... Timing chain,(old one looked fine), brake pads, routine replacements plugs etc. All it needs is shocks and mounts and heater work.
Truck came with no A/C, one less thing to possibly go wrong:)
Truly a great truck. I see it being around for years to come. Soon to repaint it i think. (or just drive it)!!!
Over heats , radiator full, engine will shut off when temp. gets slightly above normal. now will not start. new water pump , new battery, new alternator now when turning over it sounds like starter may not be engaging flywheel.

Gifford Tures, tel 334 792 9288 or 334 200 1124
2006 quadcab 4x4 v8
The worst vehicle i have ever owned. i cant sell it as i can never have everything fixed. brakes- i would give a negative score. replacing constantly. Cheap foriegn junk.
Body(int/ext)- negative score. Cheap paint. dealer agreed and said i detail it too much?! interior is so bad a fly can break things. Way off the charts(center console2x, both seat recline handles3x, front dash rattles constantly, body is like rice paper.
Suspension- i too replace half the front end every 20-30,000miles if lucky. Negativescor
Engine- where do i start? It will quit running at random- not safe at all. the airbag light wont turn off(dealer is clueless) some sensor is going once a month but it doesnt save in the computer so dealer cannot assess anything. tranny IS very slow and mine just went out. the engine will rev up and down rapidly sometimes at idle after start up. it hates the cold- and the hot haha. the a/c clicks loudly- sone cheap flapper broke-2x.
Oddly enough the 4x4 works, but all 4x4s i have work great. My wife is constantly upset her truck sucks! I am worried she or someone else will get hurt driving this unsound vehicle. i am constantly warning people about dodge products. Double the sticker price, because thats what you will spend in 150,000 miles. maybe even a night in jail if the dealer trests you like i was. i am not an engineer or ASE mechanic but you dont have to be in todays world. i work in the bakken oilfield and NO ONE has dodge fleets. all ford and some chevy. i dream of the day we have no dodge vehicles. Also, my stock 7.3 will embarass a hemi and a cummins at the same time without trying. my chevy 1500 outperforms a dodge 1500 in all catagories. and we should have bought a tacoma! I had a 90s model dakota that was awesome (truly american) the truth is, thete arent any vehicles made in america. they may be assembled here, but with MANY foreign parts. sorry for rambling- dodge disgusts me! if the customerservice was decent i wouldnt feel so butt sore. but they are happy witg the money you gave them.
I own a 2005 dodge Dakota&a2007 dodge caliber front end parts for these vehicles are inferior as I have replaced all front end parts om caliber twice,which is very dodge Dakota wont go into gear after sitting idle for a month.As far as I am concerned all DODGE PRODUCTS ARE JUNK & Iwill never own one again.I cant even sell them without losing thousands of dollars,Icant even give them away.I think people are getting wise to dodge & their junk....
I have a 2004 dodge dakota crew cab 4.7 v-8 automatic. My problem is seat belt driver side jammed worked off and on then froze up. Dealer mechanic explained to me before changing or disconnecting the air bag connection on the retractor to be sure to disconnect the battery.I did but air bag light stays on. Seat belt light goes off when I put seat belt on,but air bag light goes off then comes back on. Whats up with that?
What a piece of junk. This the last dodge I will ever buy. I'm constantly having to take it to the shop for something. It only has 70,000. I dread what it's going to be like if it makes it to 100,000
I have owned my 2000 dakota 4x4 4.7L for 9 yrs. It has 153,000 miles on it. It was bulletproof until it hit approx. 125,000 miles. The 1st 6 yrs were great. However, the last 3 yrs has been back and forth work to keep this truck running. I used to take it to the river but its not too trustworthy anymore. I will say this: This 4WD is the best one that I have owned, when it's running!
Best vehicle I have ever owned. 200,000 miles plus and never have had a problem...except heater fan (high speed stopped working)still going strong!
Dealers don't have repair parts to fix backup lights. Can't get a state inspection sticker until sometime next year. Am disabled and can't get to my doctors or to the ER if I need to, without a legal vehicle.
my dakota is convertable and i love it it runs well stops and goes just fine
contacted seller and manufacturer about rust with in 3 yrs of owning truck. I was told was normal.In 2011 took truck back to dealer who again told me rusting was normal, and not abnormal, and they could not do anything until it perfurated thru while under warrenty. Local body shop tells me its not normal and that by the end of winter I will have holes thru body of truck around doors and fenders and the bumbers could fall off. and the core frame has started to rust thru. And I am out of warrenty with truck paid off. Im very upset.. to think $24,000. bought a rust bucket that I as a single mother of a three yr. old will have to drive until I can afford to purchase another. Im disappointed how the dealer and the Manufacturer treated this problem. Now I have lost faith in American Made vehicles..At least Toyato took there responsibility and repaired or purchased back the vehicles they sold.
My dad bought it off a Texan in Fresno, CA back in 2000 for $950.
The a/c and radio on it were broken when he bought it.

For a truck three months older than me it's taken a lot of abuse and has a ridiculous amount of dents to prove it. The paint has a lot of sun damage as well and it's almost all dull (It used to be a dark green/blue), but it's no surprise as we live in a desert.

We took it to a mechanic after and he saw some frame damage from 3 different car accidents and told us the whole truck was off center, and because of this the shocks wear out more on one side and we have to align it every couple of years or else it drifts really badly to the right.

It has 270,856 miles on it and the only major repairs were replacing the starter and gas pump back in 2005.

I've owned it for 3 years now and it has held up beautifully. I installed a new radio+sound system which set me back about $450 but is well worth it.
I admit I've won a few races with it and never have I felt . I can see why the other drivers laugh at it and ask if I really want to enter "that" into the race. I have the last laugh though, the engine is amazing and the money I win goes into the "paint job" and "fix the a/c" fund.
(These are small country-road races that are a lame attempt at drag racing out on my dad's ranch that never go over 80MPH and the prize is usually $35 so it'll take awhile before I get to paint it)
Now I realize it's dangerous but I honestly feel safe in this hunk of metal.

The inside can get very hot though, even though I always park in the shade it seems to trap a lot of heat, a lot more than other cars.
I'm meticulous with it's maintenance though and can easily see it reaching 300K.
I don't ever see myself selling it to someone else or to a junkyard where it will rust and get ripped apart.
I love this bat sh*t crazy truck and will keep driving it until I either wrap it around a tree or the repair cost of something is too much, and even then I'll save it so my grandchildren can restore it or something.
ive had my 1994 dodge dakota for 6 years now it has the 3.9 v6 2wd and i wouldnt never trade it off for anything its got 210k and ive never turned one bolt on the motor except for a water pump. the best truck ive ever owned and the motor runs just as smooth as my 2009 nissan. drive it daily and the only way to beat the motor down would be to run it without oil or something.
I just bought this 91 Dakota truck for 950.00. I have always been a Dodge truck fan. The truck needed some minor things and I fixed them. I am now so happy with this truck. I could notand still can not believe how nice this truck runs and how sturdy it is. I love it! One small problem though, a small ticking noise around engine. I have yet to check it but will soon. Over all nice truck. I would definitely buy another Dakota of any year.
air condition belt broke and everything stop work and running hot
I have a 1998 dodge dakota that did not come with cruise control but i installed it from another dakota but it still will not work can i have pcm flashed to turn it on suspension is good

No need for me to say much about my dakota 4x4. It has the 318cu that you have to shoot to end its reliability. Although it now has some issues I just turned 223K miles and it still runs like its shot out of a canon when I tromp on the gas pedal. Best truck I've ever owned Thank you "Dodge City" Warren MI
I got my Truck used in 02 with 12000 miles on it already, it's a single cab,2 door,5 speed,has a 22gal tank,with the 3.9 V6,it came with 16" wheels but caused the truck to bounce like the wheels were to big for the truck so I found someone with 15" wheels on their 4 door Dakota and did a even swap, it now rides better and looks better, the other guys truck looks better too. It now has 178,000 miles and has only had a few problems,the brakes have always been kind of jumpy when I need to apply them in a hurry, like they don't want to catch,I've put it in the brake shop to have them checked and was told nothing was wrong with them,other than that it stops very good in normal traffic.I removed the large air filter that came with it and put on a 6" filter,put in AC plugs and new wires,changing the oil every 4000 miles and oil filter too,I get between 19-20 miles a gal.the AC will freeze you out and the heater will run you out,The body is in great shape,added fog lights in the front bumper and running lights down the side,I have been very pleased with my 2002 Dakota these past years and will buy another one if this one ever wears out.