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Dodge Caliber (20 Reviews)
Worst car I have bought in 20 years, 2 Years ago I bought this car with only 50,000 miles, so far i have changed more parts to this vehicle then all the vehicles I ever had in my life since i was 20, it is ridiculous, this is the worst place I definitely DO NOT RECOMEND THIS CAR DEALER TO ANYONE FRIENDLY FORD LAS VEGAS ON DECATUR Blvd, PLEASE DONT GO THERE, YOU WILL REGRET IT!! 1st month after I bought it $125 for a new battery, 7 months after I bought it I change the alternator pulley $102 part only, after 11 moths I bought it, change the motor mount 3 of them for $195 parts only, after 14 month I bought it, driver window stop working,16months after passenger window broke in addition to all this problems now as 08/10/15 I have a gas leak WTF??? I am so sick of this vehicle and so tired of fixing it with all the problem I am having with this vehicle is ridiculous, I feel I got majorly ripped off!!!!
Bought my caliber used, best thing about it is the stereo, it's like the Pinto of Dodge. Disappointed, disgusted and done with Dodge!
I had purchased this car brand new. It use to get great gas mileage on the highway(32mpg), but now it only gets (19mpg). I was just at the dealership today because the car shakes at 70mph and when I hit a small bump and have to stop, the whole car shifts to the left. The dealership told me it is my front driver side wheel bearing and hub. They wanted to much to fix so I took it elsewhere, after being fixed it is still shaking but now at the speed of 40 mph. I do not recommend purchasing this car to anyone. I wish I never bought it
Sorry about entry here, but could not find a place to enter a tip. 2008 Caliber 'No Start' issue concerning security module. This has happened to me once and no more since today. Pulled neg. cable for 10 min. and still had issue. So, for giggles I hit the panic button, then inserted key, turned to engine start position and she purred. Then the panic button depressed again. Tried both keys that came with the car twice and no problems. Hope this can help someone else. Let us know. Thanks forum!
JUNK, is all i can say. The first new car I ever bought paid $19,000 in 06 for it and had nothing but problems. To many to list. just hope it helps someone for making the same mistake, as i did...
This has been the best car for my daughter. I bought it used in 2008 (its a 2007 model), as it was a rental car. It now has almost 150K miles on it, we've only had to replace the spark plugs and front brakes and rotors on it just this past year, and this year we are currently replacing the front struts and back shocks. This car has taken care of my daughter through highschool and now school/work. She drives the hell out of it and it has even taken her across country twice to various places in the U.S. on week long driving expeditions. I'm currently looking for another one for my 16 year old daughter. It is a front-wheel drive car, however it manuvers in the snow rather well. We put on Dodge magnum stock wheels and tires to raise it up off the ground a few inches (my stock wheels that came on my magnum bolted right on to the Caliber). A GREAT CAR!
My sunroof leaks, hell floods into my interior and my dome light. Dealer wants $200 to fix!!!!! Found out this is a KNOWN problem direct from manufacturing. Can I fix this myself?
I love my 2008 Caliber. I haven't had any major problems with it until now.I bought it brand new and all I'd had to fix so far are the tire locks,which were optional. I am having problems with the battery. It had a dirty post and It would hesitated to start. I have since cleaned it and made sure there isn't any corrosion around the battery.It seems that the problem got worse now. When I try starting it,it goes completely dead. I have to try starting it a couple of times before I get it going. I had the battery checked a couple of months ago and I was told that the battery was in great shape. I really hope it's not the alternator because that would really SUCK! Any suggestions on what it could be or what I should do?
My 2008 Dodge Caliber is currently in the shop for the third time. The ETC light starting coming on and off about two months ago. I brought the car to the dealer in Long Island City on Northern Blvd two weeks ago when my sun roof was leaking causing extreme flooding and showers inside the vehicle and because the car began to make noise in the engine area. In addition, I asked them to check the ETC. After three days, they replaced the alternator and belt tensioner and my fixed leaky sunroof. The warranty covered the alternator only. I picked up my car and the the following day the sun roof leaked again after it rained. The alternator seemed to be ok. I called the dealer regarding my sunroof. They told me to bring it back. At this time I asked them to check the ETC again. I left the car and they "did not get to it" that day. I picked up the car and decided to bring it back at another time. Finally, two weeks later, the ETC light remained on constantly, the car would not accelerate and shaked uncontrolably. I just heard from the main tech today. He ordered and replaced the PCM (power control module) but is unable to determine where the problem is. My battery died while in the shop and I still don't know if my sunroof has been fixed. My car has been at the shop since Tuesday last week. It is Thursday of the following week. You can do the math. Every time I call them, they drag their feet and have no update for the vehicle. Someone please help me find a means to an end.
I will NEVER buy another Dodge product. So far I've had 2 major replacements (a module of some kind, ball joints) and it has less than 55,000 miles. The rear defroster and cruise control doesn't work and either the water pump or the alternator is going bad. TOO much money!
Bad vehicle choice nothing but problems....I own the 2008 caliber. I'd never buy another Dodge product. If your looking to purchase this vehicle re-think it.
I bought my 2007 Dodge Caliber when it was brand new in March, 2007. It is the perfect size for me and what I use it for - going to work and golfing. The only problm that I had with it was the Tire Presure Monitoring system acted up on me a couple of years ago. I had to have the battery disconnect at about that time and when it was reconnected the problem went away and has not come back (3 years ago). I have just about 100,00 miles on it, had the battery replaced once, 1 new set of tires - that's it, except for the usual oil changes, which I do about every 4 months or so - well past the requested 3,000 miles. The only other issue I have ios that occasionally the CVT drive kind of slips, but I have never repalced the transmission fuid, either. All in all, this is the best car I have ever owned from a usage perspective. I've had quieter cars (Cadillacs) and smoother riding cars, but I love driving this car. I drive it around 55 mph on the jhighways, usually, but at times run it up to 75 or 80, when the need arises. It gets good gas mileage (about 30 - 33 at 55 mph).
I bought this car NEW and mostly its been back in the shop every few months. I ABS Light has come on 3 times and the sensor had to be replaced. I'm constaly having a Gas Cap Light come on for Evaporator Leak. Since the gas cap dosn't come with the warrenty I've replaced it 4 times now yet the sensor keeps happening, and the only way to reset it. is go to the Dealer. This is rediculis.
Horrible car have nothing but problems with it .. the 2007 dodge caliber had a major recall on the electronic throttle control they should have quit making it then because my 08 has the same problem with the actuator motor ... hate hate this car paid more in repairs on it than i bought the car for and that was 10,000
solid car just very expensive when it comes to repairs i know you get what you pay for but you can only get dealer prts so the problem with just happen again after about the same amout of miles
Purchased new in 2008 (45,000)-front strut replacement is needed already. When I originally purchased car I questioned the gas meter reader. Anything measuring over 1/2 tank seemed as if it was used up very quickly. They did not find anything at first and then told that it was a glitch and something dodge may recall on vehicles later. Mistake to have whatever coating for the outside and inside of the car the dealership offered. Some sort of wax. Since most of the inside of car is plastic I guess with the heat form sun it is lightly sticky and all the dust adheres. Does not wipe off completely with cleaning. I feel the same with a previous comment with a 2.0L DOHC the pickup is horrible. My daughters 2006 Saturn Ion has better pickup.
I am not really impressed with this car and i do regret buying it. I should have stuck with my grand ams. I miss my grand am. Would still have it, if it hadnt caught fire on me.
good little car, great on gas, but not the car of my dreams.
we bought it with 65000 and the front strut drivers side leaks, the rear drivers side brake drum was cracked! to me the 2.0 engine with the cvt tranny is kind of gutless!
The interior is sheap (plastic all over)