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Dodge Avenger (28 Reviews)
Mine is 2.7 ffv it has 110000 miles now. Engine and drive train excellent I have people standing near it can't believe it's idling so quite trans very smooth. All I done is set of front wheel bearings and front and back pads once. Change plugs at a 100000. My only problem has been a weak ac at idle and truck lid filled with water til I removed plugs. I had Ford focus before this car it drop valve at 80000 mile. Would purchase the avenger again.
2012 dodge advenger
86,000 miles. Had the car for 2 years. Love the room and style. But huge blind spot and major front brake issues. Even taking to les scwab and needs new brakes after a month. Even with regular oil changes a knocking noise from engine compartment. Foul smell when ac is on even after replacing the ac Filter. Just yesterday all my dash lights went crazy and my tranny wouldn't shift and the max speed I could drive was 35mph. Possible battery issue or pcm issue, waiting to hear. I have the 2.4 liter 4cyl and I like the power. Haven't had any major repair issues til know but brakes get expensive changing often. My model only shows 1 recall with head restraint. Overall so far been good but thinking of trading it in after issues everyone else is having.
I have a 2008 Dodge Avenger R/T that I bought used. I bought the car in June of 2014 and it had 60,000 miles on it. It is very clean, inside and out. I took it to Midas for an oil change and the mechanic said that whoever owned it before me took very good care of it. It has new tires, new brakes, and the body is in great shape, except for the lip on the front of the hood. The paint is bubbling. It's not rust, because the hood isn't metal. The interior of the car is spotless, the radio is awesome. I love this car. No mechanical issues. I have put 5000 miles on it with no problems. I love this car. My trunk doesn't hold water when it rains either.
I bought this car with 35,000 miles on it. It has been and okay car. It doesn't drive like it did when I first purchased it. I have put new tires on it and had a wheel alignment. The trunk holds a lot of water in it when it rains and comes out threw the close latch. My air bag light has been on for 6 days now. I took it too the shop today and all they did was re-program it but the light is still on. I'm calling the recall place back today because he told me the ORC module needs to be replaced and its part of their recall. I think I'm going to trade this car for an malibu or impala.
Just bought 2014 dodge avenger from Chrysler Dodge in Chiefland Fl. I have had this car 2 months and have had it in the shop 5 times for pulling to right, front end messed up it is the most uncomfortable riding car I have ever owned. They say they balanced and switched tires but I do not think they did anything. They treat and talk to me like I am stupid. This car also sounds like a jet engine fixing to take off when you drive 50 - 60 mph and also when it decelerates. They turn the radio on so they can't hear it and say nothing is wrong with the car. I think they knew something was wrong with this car when they sold it to me and now they do not want to do the right thing. This car is dangerous.... If anyone can tell me how to get this car fixed please let me know... Gloria Billig
Bought the car brand new 2014 Avenger. Brake pedal vibrates at a stop while running. Dealer mechanic says "it is the character of the car".... Yeah right. It vibrates so much I have to put it in park because it is so uncomfortable.
I have a 2008 dodge avenger bought n June 2007 no problems out of it till now its November 2014 has 150,000 miles on it now my oil light comes on constantly.Do anyone knows the problem there is no oil coming from no where. Any suggestions.
Before I start I had the same problem with water retaining in the trunk. I solved this by removing the plugs on the trunk hatch they give the appearance of being hollow but are actually closed once I removed all 4 of them it stopped retaining water when it rains.
Other issues are electrical where my air bag light comes on depending on the position of the drivers seat I constantly have to adjust seat until it goes off and even then is may come back on and I have to readjust again.
Then there's that constant knocking noise on the right front side of the vehicle it sounds like somethings loose but I've check and can never seem to locate it this started about a month after I got the car and I also get this popping sound when turning the steering wheel left or right after about a hour driving.
And they say the only way to get a tune up is to drop or tilt the engine I should say however I have a 2008 avenger SE flex fuel 2.7ltr V6 DOHC I changed the rear plugs by removing the intake manifold or plenum it very tedious but beats dropping the engine once the plenum is removed you have easy access to the plugs on the backside of the engine I'm not sure if this works for the V8 but it should just make sure you have a book for the torque sequence and lbs to apply.
this is so crazy! i have a 2010 and my trunk does the same thing.. So much for having storage or a place to put your groceries or shopping bags!!!
I love my car. I do have issues with the cruise control sometimes it works and some times it doesn't. No engine light however. Now I did have a accident and the repair time was quick and look fantastic when done , outside of an issue we wont go into here, nothing to do with car itself. I had a 2011 bought used had less than 30days and blew the head gasket and they gave me a whole different car, my choice, my choice of make, model but I really liked the Avenger so I chose a 2012. All good for me. I do not like the cd player and am thinking about installing a different one, there is a stuck cd in it now. Being a Jeep person hence the name of mine, I do like this this car. I will possibly go back to Jeep if I can, if not maybe another Avenger? I dont understand why they had to make it so close to the Charger? Outside of the front grill it is alot alike. If you take care of it , oil changes and all that, tires....this car I think would last a long time. Ive put 30,000 on it this past year.
I am in my 50's and have owned several different performance cars! I buy them, drive them, restore them, show them and sell them! All in all this has been the second most reliable and performance car (without modifications). The comment on tires spinning, your tires are too thin! The handling braking acceleration are fantastic on this Dodge. This car (95 to 00) was built in collaboration with Mitsubishi, and is a close call between the low end 3000GT and high end Eclipse. The "SPORT" trim level (97,98 & 99) was a limited edition and will out perform the ES trim. The car gets excellent gas mileage 25 cty 37 hwy as long as you keep your foot out of it!

All round a good car for everyday of for fun!!!
i have the 1999 es v6 model . great performance handles great, the drivetrain isnt all that great if you like to spin your tires alot, and mine i cant keep balljoints in it .but other than that great car

good car over all, but the trunk fills with water every time it rains, and that the trunk lid not the inside of the car. so when i oped it the water dumps out through the latch that locks it shut.
how funny, my 2011 dodge avenger has the same issue. the third time they touched up the paint, they added tape over it on both sides of the bumper and it has helped,but it looks stupid..bad design for sure
I spent all day on replacing the rubber seals to my lower manifold that the fuel injectors seat into and still I smell gas?
I have has my 97 dodge avenger 2.5 v6 for almost 8 years. It has been a good car. it smokes a little but I put two bottles of no smoke with the honey in it, change the oil 20/50 w and take it own through it usually takes two or three times.It has 227,000 miles on it, Ive had to put two transmissions in it,1 radiator,2 water pumps,2 crank sensors,three thermostats,left front axle,lower ball joints and control arms on it, but as far as the car overall I have absolutely no complaints, rifght now it cut off while I was driving and I'm trying to figure out why,but once again it has 227,000 miles on it,when I got it it had 115,000 in 2004. I'm praying it is something minor because I like my avenger and not having a car note.I will write back and tell you the problem.(octavious)p.s. the paint fades on the hood and top on all these models I see it on 1 out of three.
I bought my 2011 in February of this year. And I love this car. With ONE exception. The paint won't stay on it. I got the shiny new red, and where the side panels meet the bumbers, the paint will not stay on due to rubbing/vibration while driving. All in all my car has been in the shop for one month already (out of the 10 I have owned it) for paint issues. Now, the bumper and trunk are rubbing and it has fully rubbed the paint off the trunk (to the metal) and scratched the bumper all up. The craziest part of it all? Not that it's still under warranty and I shouldn't have anything to worry about, not that the car doesn't even have 10700 miles on it... No. The craziest thing is that Dodge has told me today they are done paying for my paint issues, that it's not their fault it's the dealers. Never, ever again will I buy a Dodge product.
I bought a used 1997 Avenger and it's been my favorite car in years. It gets 26 to 35 mpg. But this morning, I started it normally... turned on the headlights, and it died. Not sputtered... DIED. No lights, no warning, like flipping a switch. I have checked all the fuses and relays and they're all fine. I'm at my wits end and it's hitting below zero temps. I also live in an area where every local shop is a thief that wants to blame everything on the most expensive fix possible. I don't know what to do.
i bought a 2008 avenger from "the show room floor" i put the first mile on it...this car is junk. Once in a while when i am at a stop light the car will ether lunge forward or stall. I almost hit 3 kids crossing the road one day, another time it lunged out in front of a tractor trailer. it has been in the shop since I bought it. they say nothing they can do, the car dealer I bought it from said they have 8 dodge avengers that are having the same problem. I talked to Chrysler and they won't do anything about it. Will never buy a dodge again..
I have the 99 ES model Avenger, it has ran great and performed well since the day I bought it. The only complaint I've ever had has been the crappy fogging up of the headlights, other than that everything has been great. Now in 2011 I'm having to replace a CV joint, I don't consider this a terrible part performance for this age of car. The car still runs and handles very well even today.
2008 Dodge Avenger

I bought this car from a dealer in 2008. It turned out that it was a rental car and everyone knows that people drive the mess out of rental cars because it's not theirs. The car has been a dream up until August 2011. I've replaced one set of brake pads and I had to replace the intake manifold control sensor. I keep the oil changed, etc. Now, it sounds like a lawn mower/race car sound if I'm driving 50mph and over. The car doesn't shake or anything. I've had the front end aligned and had the tires balanced and rotated, but I can still hear it. I replaced a tire, but this sound still annoys me. I don't know if it is the engine itself or if is still something warped on the front passenger's side. When you slow down from top speeds, it sounds like it's a tire issue. I don't want to spend a fortune replacing tires if the problem is something else. This sound is annoying to me so I listen to my music turned all the way up so I don't have to listen to it. Does anyone know what could be causing this sound?
I bought this car in Dec 2009. Brakes and rotors replaced in April 2008. Now brake problem again. They grind sometimes when stopping esp if its been raining. (when you need them to work the most). Inside is loud. Cooler stopped working in Feb. I wish I had reviewed it BEFORE I got it.
I found out that I need to replace my distributer. The cam sensor is inside of it and rather than replace that, I will just get whole "new" dist. I was going to get used, but it will prob. go bad the same way these cars are known to do.
i have owned my car for 4 years now. i love this car. i have had it in places i thought a car would never go...and still not tore anything under it up, the moter is great. my car just need a few sensors and minor work on the body(beneath the doors) but other than that it drives good, it handles pretty good..better than most..o far it has not let me down . the transmission hasn't slipped a bit and the interior is in exlannt shape. i love my car but i need mony so plz. either give me advise or come get ol' red! alsoi have a killer raido !!! also it get great gas milage and it is awsome!
I purchased my 2008 Dodge Avenger RT in January 2008. The car currently has 36000 miles on it. I do regular maintenance and use Mobil Fully synthetic oil. I have not experienced any mechanical issues with this. Additionally, the stereo system and speakers are awesome. This car is a lot of fun to drive. I am extremely pleased with my decision to purchase this car.
I bought my 08' Dodge Avenger in 2008. It is now 07/2010 and the car finally died on me. My car has 76k miles. I change the oil every 3 to 4 months. In 03/2010 I turned the car in at Jiffy Lube for a full tune up. I noticed that within 30 days or so I was indicating an oil light. The engine was dry as a bone as if someone drained the oil pan! I added 2 quarts of oil about every 3 weeks or so as needed when before it indicated the oil light. The car never over heated, there's not a single stain or drop of oil anywhere on the engine or in my driveway. The car never stalled or puttered. I thought maybe a loose Oil filter or worn seals or a bad oil pump. I checked all over this car and everything seems to be in perfect order. One day I was on the highway heading home and once again the oil light suddently came on. Within a 1/4 mile the car lost 90% of its compression and started knocking. I do not understand what could have gone wrong. I asked several of my mechanic friends and they are all stumped. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I owe $13K on a car that does not run anymore.
Biggest piece of crap I have ever owned. Mine is a 2008 with 92000 miles on it. So far 3 sets of door speakers (listen to talk radio) 4 alternators (bad decoupler pulley) 1 a/c compressor, 1 idler pulley, cooling cup holder worked for only a year and now is bad ( no longer under warranty), mirror switch has a mind of its own, front end shakes, original front rotors are A/M much better, Steering column makes noise at the bottom of the shaft, transmission shift hangs up once in a while or slips and the dealer can't seem to find anything wrong (done this since 10k miles or so) High mount stop light bulb blows constantly longer replace it, probably because it gets water on it from the trunk lid getting water in it, water leak inside car from the a/c condensate drain tube coming out of the hole in the floor (the hose is a bit short and comes out easily, I put it back and RTV'd it in the hole so it wont come out anymore) Most people are probably thinking I am a kid and hard on cars...I am in my mid 40's and the vehicle has all highway miles on it, I am in sales and listen to talk radio all day while on the road. I bought the car because of being midsize with decent mileage, and unlimited powertrain warranty. The car gets regular maintenance and has had Mobil 1 from 1st oil change and never wrecked. I can't wait until I am no longer upside down to get rid of this piece of crap, if the car makes it that long.
dont buy not worth it