Clutch Pressure Plate

The clutch pressure plate squeezes the clutch disk against the flywheel, which allows power (torque) from the engine to be transmitted to the manual transmission.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Clutch Pressure Plate

  • Difficulty shifting gears
  • Clutch may slip or shudder
  • Engine will "rev," but speed will not increase/vehicle will not move
  • Abnormal noise from clutch area

Clutch Pressure Plate Related Repair Advice

  • The clutch disc is commonly replaced along with the pressure plate
  • Most shops recommend the flywheel be resurfaced when the clutch disk is replaced (where applicable)
  • On some vehicles, the clutch slave cylinder is located in with the clutch assembly. To avoid having to remove the transmission before the next clutch job, we recommend the slave cylinder is replaced at the same time as the pressure plate.

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