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The upper dash may crack, most commonly on vehicles in warm climates and exposed to a lot of sunlight. The common repair is to replace the upper instrument trim panel. Information on a technical service bulletin or extended warranty is not available at this time.

Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

First the front passenger and eventually all automatic door looks stopped responding. If you look out there, it is a known problem with the Avalanche at least for certain model years. Basically the parts inside your door wear out prematurely. I think it was an actuator or something like that but not sure. Anyway, negotiated with the dealership as I felt this was ridiculous to have door locks fail at 75K. I made a point that I had a vehicle...

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Why hasn't GM come up with a fix on the dash cracking at the air bag? I place a level over the crack and it looks like the air bag is not installed properly or the dash is too small. Mine has 2 cracks one at the airbag the second is way over by the drivers side. The speaker rattles anytime I...

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The ignition switch actuator can bind causing the ignition switch to stick in the "start" position. If this were to occur the actuator can unexpectedly release, cause the ignition switch to snap back into the "Accessory" position. This would cause the engine to turn off with an associated loss of brake and steering power assist. If these conditions were to lead to a crash the airbags may not deploy as expected. Dealers will inspect and replace the ignition lock housing as necessary to correct this concern.

All late model vehicles are equipped with a "Shift interlock" system that prevents vehicles with and automatic transmission from being shifted out of the Park position under certain conditions. Some of these vehicles are being recalled because they may have been assembled with a broken park lock cable or a malformed steering column lock actuator gear. Failure of these components can allow the shifter to be moved out of the Park position with the ignition key removed or in the off position. This can cause the vehicle to roll away unexpectedly increasing the risk of injury or a crash. Dealers will inspect the recalled vehicles and replace the steering column as necessary.



The rear axle cross pin may break. The cross pin is an internal component of the rear differential, which is housed in the rear axle assembly. If the cross pin breaks, the rear axle may lock, which could result in loss of control and a crash. Dealers will install a new rear axle cross pin to correct this concern. This recall should begin no later than January 25, 2011. The General Motors number for this recall is 10426A.

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I have cracks in the dashboard and brackets holding dash just worked themselves free.

service air light is on

This is my 3rd. Avalanche.. I do love the utilitarian aspects of the vehicle. I think that's why I keep buying them. So anyhow, The one I just got a 2011 LT 4WD.. It seems to ride a little harder than the first two but NOT as hard as a Silverado. Love the bluetooth and back-up camera so far. I think everyone who owns this vehicle already knows about the blind spot directly behind the thin...

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