Charcoal Canister

In order to prevent fuel vapors from escaping into the atmosphere, a brick of charcoal inside the charcoal canister collects the vapors and later purges them so they can burn in the combustion process.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Charcoal Canister

  • Check Engine Light may illuminate
  • Fuel tank may be hard to fill
  • Fuel smell may be noted

Charcoal Canister Related Repair Advice

  • Evaporative system diagnosis can be difficult and trouble codes can be triggered by sensors and components other than the charcoal canister
  • It is not uncommon for bits of charcoal to separate from the charcoal brick inside the canister and cause the canister purge valve to stick in the open or closed position

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the matrix and the corolla and others from 04 and newer have this problem, I think that it is a manufacturers defect and there needs to be a RECALL ON THIS PART> AFTER ALL TOYOTA SAYS RIGHT ON THERE WEB SITE THAT THEY ARE ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND TAKES PRIDE IN THERE PRODUCTS.