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2009 Subaru Outback

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2009 Subaru Outback Problems

Drive Train -- Verified

A vibration or shutter may be noted on acceleration. If the transmission torque converter is suspected a revised part is available to correct this concern.

Brakes -- Verified

There is a technical service bulletin on the ABS control module. It is replaceable without having to replace the entire anti-lock brake hydraulic unit. Previously, the ABS control module was only available as a complete assembly that included the hydraulic unit.

2009 Subaru Outback Recalls (Recent)

Brakes, March 27, 2013

RepairPal Expert Overview:

In areas where salt is used on the roads, slush containing road salt can splash through a gap in the fuel tank protector resulting in corrosion of the brake lines. This corrosion may lead to brake fluid leakage resulting in reduced braking performance, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will inspect the affected vehicles and leaking brake lines will be replaced. Anti-corrosion rustproofing wax will be applied to all recalled vehicles.

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2009 Subaru Outback Questions and Answers

country, 2009 Subaru Outback, 2.5L 4 Cylinder, Weaverville, NC

the car has no power at all. turn key an nothing happens .the lock & unlock on key doesn't work .car wont start , no lights basicaly the car just shut down. it worked fine last time it was...

sdesantis, 2009 Subaru Outback, 2.5L 4 Cylinder, Chapel Hill, NC

I wonder if anyone has had any electrical problems. I was driving down the road (not major highway) doing about 35mph and the next thing I knew, the car lost power. There was no warning, but when...

Visitor, 2009 Subaru Outback, 2.5L 4 Cylinder, Arlington, MA

2009 subaru outback ..3 hours into trip on hot day, ac on, water leaking into passenger side floor area..

yokosuka, 2009 Subaru Outback, 2.5L 4 Cylinder, Charleston, SC

The center console A/C and radio lights start flashing on and off at various times when driving and on a cool / cold start up. Does any one have a fix? The dealer does not!

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2009 Subaru Outback Reviews

Problem with a/c and radio lights on center console blinking at various times! Does anyone have a fix? Local Subaru Repair Shop not aware of a fix for this problem. E-mail me @ billbrunson@hotmail.com. Thanks, Bill

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