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BMW Z3 (9 Reviews)
Drive a 98 Boxster. Got it at 120k miles and done only 10k yet.
Love this thing to bits. Why on earth I had to wait 'till my fifties, heaven only knows. This is my 37th vehicle. Life was not fair, taking care of wife and kids. So many times I had to sell my beauties to raise a family. I enjoy every minute, driving my Boxster. Even if I don't have to, I'll think up an excuse to just go nowhere. Sometimes very early on weekend mornings I have the tar to myself. Fuel consumption is just fantastic. Whenever I invited any of my kids, none ever refused. I take care of it fanatically and it is just a pleasure. (My wife said she wants to be my Porsche in her next life). I said that's fine I'll just stiffen her suspension a little. I'll also keeps my darling Z3. With 300 000 miles, all I can say another little German underrated master piece. The guy who sold the Porsche to made me promise to sell it back to him. So every now and then I promise my kids, I'll never sell "Snowhite" Thanks to Google and the Porsche websites, all minor issues can be personally taken care of. I spoil my sons every now and then by swopping their 4 door saloons for my car(s). They always jumped at these opportunities and always arrive taller than they left. All I can say to a youngster, privileged to start their careers in a Porsche is whenever you start with a family, sell the toddler but retain your Boxster!
Mine is a 2.5 Roadster with automatic transmission. I have had it for 6 months. It had 81,000 miles on it when i purchased it 6 months ago. If the top leaks at all then be sure to replace it as that cost is cheaper than the sensors that are under the carpet and if they get wet and go bad then the cost can ruin your day. With a 6 cylinder engine under the hood mine gets up and goes when I ask it too. I put $4800 into mine in repairs because the previous owner didn't give it the TLC it deserved. These cars are made to drive and I drive mine 100 miles a day round trip to work and so far it just gets better. Sure I will rack up a lot of the miles but I plan to keep it so rebuilding it will be something I will do when the time comes. This is my 2nd Z3. Great cars.
We bought our 2001 Z3 used from an auto recovery dealer. It had a new windshield, new brakes, new tires, new battery, new belts and hoses, ect, all done by The German Repair Shoppe in Denver. What a great little car! Ours is silver with a black rag top, and is in great shape. It was a one owner vehicle until we bought it in 2011. We have enjoyed it so much, and when we drive into the mountains with the top down, it is one of our favorite things to do. Love, love, love this car!!
Bought new in 1996. Had to have heater repaired a few times. Tranny fixed immediately (a few weeks) after purchased. No problems since. Window motors went out. Need to replace. Replaced top twice. Door armrests both have pulled loose.

Leaks oil so need to replace some gaskets. Clutch still good. 125K miles. No other major issues. Still roles smoothly. Some minor issues with cracked plastic, some flooring plastic trim pulled loose, and such.

Most irritating thing is the squaky plastic they used to hold the top. That's been bugging me for years but no clear way to get up under the top and see what is the issue. Top drips at front corners where corrects to front window. I put some silicon and it lessened greatly.

One key is worn and only works when inserted one way. Had to disconnect ABS one time. On board "computer" still works. Replaced the radio (tape deck). Busted the plastic compartment between the seats and behind them. Will remote it.

Dad had roll bars installed. The sales agent told us the car had "pop up rollbars. They come up when the car leans more than 15 or maybe 30 degrees". Heh, I was young and foolish. Plus no kids so money to burn. LOL.

Overall, good car. Oh yeah, had to have it repainted fairly early. Seen several with paint clouding issue.

Oh yeah, really bad about fishtailing. Watch that on ice and wet streets. So, probably not a good car for a teenager. I had a few close calls but no wrecks. And can say it handles well on a dark night with a dead cow in the road on a back country road when you are going 70MPH. BTW, the speedometer is off like 5MPH. I guess you think you are going faster than you really are. Always been like that.

love this car, steel grey metalic. very sweet looking, driver seat leather worn a little. not too practical for my husband since knee replacement, now have grandchildren, so need more room.
Bought the car used in 2005 with 39000 miles. Read the owners manual and stayed with that maintenance program. Now have 62000 on it. I love the car it's a 3 liter Roadster & will perform when you ask it.
I have had a few problems but more with dealership crapy repair of a problem. The driver seat stop moving forward with wiring that moved around, passenger side seat belt holder broke in 3rd year, water leak around windows and alarm system to name just a few. My other major complaint is the oil they require you to use. After about 5,000 miles I'm having to add more oil on a regular bases because the engine uses up the castrol oil. It has been that way since I bought the car new. Only have a problem with this brand of oil. But I must say overall I love the car.
Overall great vehicle. I purchased new and have over 203,000 miles on vehicle. All maintenance done on time as suggested. Only recurring problems are with a/c, I am on my 3rd one. First one obtained a hole after I hit a bird that bounced up off the road, obviously my fault, but second one at a cost of $1,300 was defective and now the third one after not quite two years is not working eiher. Other recurring issue is gas cap needs replacing approximately every two to three years.
Great car drive it everyday.