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BMW X3 (17 Reviews)
Just purchased the car used with 90,000 miles and it looked very well taken care of but noticed some oil on the engine. I mentioned it to the salesman and he had a B.S. excuse but I already see more oil. Then I came here and saw all of the leaking oil issues. I am still in warranty so hope I can get it fixed. I really like the car except for that issue.
I love my 2007 BMW X3, and I have had very few problems with it. It now has almost 100K miles on it. Best car I've ever had!
I also love driving my 2007 BMW X3 and untill now have had only a couple of issues with the car. recently drove to NC and back (over1500 miles) and the trip was flawless! A week home and a night out at a friends and coming home NO heat! Soon the temp. gage soared to the right and the red light came on. Five days later we are putting in a new water pump/thermostat. I was told it was all one unit at a cost of $1380 wholesale. I can't believe the cast of this part and am told it is a $2500 bill at the dealership to be done! The car only has 56K so I am really pissed about the early need to make this repair! No warning, simply overheated driving home for no reason. Other issues like water on the back seat floors, leaking sun roof I have fixed myself cause going to the dealership is cost prohibitive! The cost of fixing a BMW X3 That I own is extreme! I do love driving the car (has a 6 speed) but will most likely lease the next one.
I have just been informed that my BMW X3 Air Condition Compressor has a large crack in it and its going to be expensive to repair due to having to take off the dash to fix. I have very low miles, 46,000 and the car has been garaged its entire life. I don't understand how a large crack can occur in a car in great condition and low miles. I have lived in Florida two years, I realize we use air conditioning more in Florida than many other states, but really, a cracked compressor? Can it be a technician cracked it when they worked on it before? It was working fine when I took it in to replace the battery. Immediately when I got it home, it wasn't producing cold air. I take great care of my car, anyone experiencing air conditioning problems? Is this a known issue with BMW X3's?. It's going to cost $2,800 to repair, mainly labor due to the dashboard having to be removed and replaced.
I own BMW 2007....I cannot believe the problems that I have had with the car!!! It only has 80,000 miles on it and I have problem after problem...service engine soon light CONSTANTLY. SUNROOF WILL NOT CLOSE. It had to be replaced. fan hose. Stalls while driving 80 mph down to 5mph and stalls. The warranty on my car has recently expired and now I am calling it a LEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS CALLED "THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE"????? I DON'T THINK SO...........SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!!!!
Terribly engineered vehicle. Sunroof system completely replaced ($4200), AC evaporator core system replaced twice at 30k miles (once under warranty $3400), AC compressor twice at 80k miles (once under warranty $800), CCV crank set failure at 104k ($2k, 4 engine oil leaks starting 70k miles(replaced failed gasket at 45k ($1600), numerous hoses and gaskets and still leaks randomly), Drivers seat nylon cracking, windsheild washer pump failed twice. Financially reckless owning this. I have always maintained this vehicle impeccably and there's NO reason at all for some many very expensive mechanical failures. This is my second BMW and my last. Never again! Trading this in for a Honda.
I love my 2007 X-3. Have only had to do routine maintenance and so far all is covered under warranty and extended warranty. I would recommend this vehicle (with a standard shift) for anyone who loves to drive.
I purchased this vehicle as a certified pre-owned from a BMW dealer in AZ in 2005 with 15,000 miles on it. It has been a wonderful vehicle! I love it! Just keep up the maintenance. I've had to replace some of the belts, but who doesn't living in the Arizona heat! Now in WA, still running strong with about 85,000 miles on it! This is my second BMW, I had a 325i sedan that I also purchased in AZ with about 12,000 miles on it, traded it in with 90,000 miles, and no problems with it either! Love BMW!
Where do I far it's been a money pit...Only positive is it looks good. As soon as the warranty ran out the expenses mounted. i have had it for 1 1/2 years and already: Under warranty: Window trim flapping, Muffler flap loose, lower belt trim loose, both sides, light bulbs out, Without Warranty: Tires 450.00, Thermostat: 456.00 Water pump: 803.00 Windshield wiper pump 120.00, window lifter motor 590.19 Battery just died, at least advice DO NOT BUY!!!

I am getting ready to get rid of this POS...
Do not buy this car...problems after problems. Rattle in the interior at first, then come to find out the engine mounts went which tilted the engine to cause the rack n pinion bolt to puncture my electric water pump. Needlest to say a little repair estimate of $1700. The interior is cheap and the interior parts peel. Save your money buy another vehicle
Excellent vehicle in nearly every aspect. I have 75K of problem-free miles. I have never had to do anything except scheduled maintenance (though I do change engine oil every 7.5K not every 15K like they recommend). The vehicle handles like a sports car, goes through snow and sand like it's on dry pavement. Some may say the ride is a bit stiff but that is what all high performance vehicles will feel like.
50,000 trouble free miles. Great car. A bit rough riding but handling great. Squeaking windows are an annoyance.
my wifes car, the fist year very good..then it came... first a weird thickening of the engine oil, then the engine falls, all well documented in the dealers shop. now it suddently stops. according to the BMW mech's the car need's mayor surgery and an engine replacement $17000 cost's. do not buy this car, or any BMW.
The car is a piece of junk. The computer is an absolute mess and BMW refuses to admit they have built a real lemon here!
Great little SUV or SAV as BMW calls it. Leased it new and bought it at the end of lease. So far one set of replacement tire at $300.-, super special deal on I found, and 4-wheel alignment at Savage BMW, Ontario, CA at $250.-. That's all for maintenance in the last 5 years of usage. Not bad so far.
A/C could be stronger. Not as cool as it could be in the rear if it had rear vents for backseat. My children prefer driving in my truck when it is hot.
Good car. Mileage is below what I like.
Parents have a BMW X3 that I drive. It's been fun, has a lot of room, and is easy to maintain. BMW pays regular maintenance under warranty, and we've never had repairs. Not great gas mileage though.