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BMW 760Li (5 Reviews)
This car has been ridiculously more trouble than it’s worth and Im not alone! The internet is peppered with issues on the 760. There are several parts on it that should be recalled and haven’t. The price of when something goes bad is a minimum of $1500 no matter what it is. I had an upper radiator hose that a piece that splits off the size of a quarter corroded, $1500! Alternator went bad which is liquid cooled, $2400 which damaged the special battery that’s in them because of all the computers and electronics, $450. Not to mention the known issue with the high pressure fuel pumps (HPFP's) which the 760 has 2 of them at $3000 each and a primer pump in the tank which runs $700. The service advisor at BMW has told me that they will go out, just a matter of time. It’s a known issue that BMW refuses to stand behind there faulty design. The 760 was my 3rd and last BMW. Because of how they handled this vehicle's issues with the public, I will never buy another BMW again!
We have a 760LI, with 64,000 original miles on it. I has spent more time in the shop than we've enjoyed it. At 43,000 miles we had to replace an $8,000.00 transmission. Now, 1 of the fuel pumps have gone out...... it has 3, costing us $4,000.00. We have asked BMW North America to assist in the repairs. Without batting an eye, they have refused. We have another V12, a Mercedes S600, with 147,000 miles on it. Not 1 issues at all! We are aware of the cost of the repairs, we were not prepared for BMW to not back their produt & take responsibility for their merchandise! At what point does the welfare of their customers come before shotty workman ship. They have extended the warranty on the newer vehicles in order to cover such issues because they do not have the know how to just fix the issue! By far, the worst experience with a vehicle and their manufacturer. I will never buy another BMW, nor do I recomend anyone else to!
my 2006 BMW has been in the shop more than driving it. I bought it with 30k miles on it, very good condition, it has needed numerous repairs, including new fuel injectors, transmission failure, as well as many little things constantly, Never Buy a BMW again. I believe the dealership is not only making money on all the repairs, but it seems that the more I repair it at the dealer the more it needs. I believe all the techs are getting commission as well.
I currently own a 2006 760li, I bought the car with only 50000 miles. Since I have had the car, I've began to have problems with the car loosing power, stalling and the engine fluttering. I've had to fix only two items on the car so far, which cost around 1750.00. I'm afraid to take this car to the dealer for the engine concerns. Anyone looking to purchase one, good luck!
This car was trouble since the day I bought it used with 22,000 miles. It has been in the shop constantly and is now having the entire engine rebuilt! Cost running close to $10,000. I will never buy another V12 again only because the service techs rarely work on them and when they do, a NIGHTMARE! It has definitely affected my decision to NEVER buy a BMW again.