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Update to previous review over a year ago. Car was purchased with 58,100 miles, not 581. Now has 72,000. Recent maintenance included upper & lower oil pan seal replacement (small leak in upper), front thrust rod bushings replacement (worn), and differential housing support replacement (cracked) -- total cost about $3,000, but covered by my aftermarket extended warranty.
Car continues to impress with power, speed and comfort features. Sure is a good road car. Would be hard to downgrade to a "common" car like a Honda or Toyota.
Suspension seems to wallow/roll sometimes in rear. This 2009 750i was an early model and had air dampers, which are unimpressive IMO. Going to Sport+ and back to Normal seems to help for some reason --??
Depreciation has been way excessive. KBB trade-in is now listed at 16k -- price of a used Civic! Ridiculous.
Only 16 months left on extended warranty -- hope whatever's going to break does it before then.
So glad I purchased extended warranty. Car has recently been glitchy ... can't gradually press accelerator and proceed ... there's a lag ... "is this car ever going to move?!" ... then it TAKES OFF! Makes in-city driving/suburban driving VERY difficult and not much fun, I must say. Highway driving, curvy roads, GREAT FUN and fantastic handling! But this engine lag from a stop is BS! It's at the dealer now and heard yesterday BMW has approved the replacement of both turbos. Will this help? I have no idea. But I'm about OVER IT! Already looking a new cars ... not BMWs. But nothing has met my high expectations in terms of comfort, amenities, and ride. The search will continue, but I'm hoping when I get my car back, this particular problem has been remedied!
sorry dam car I ever own troble troble it got to go it made to f u all that money u pay for it u pay for it again if u keep it nice body all u get an repair bills
Only had it for 1,000 miles, purchased used w/ 58l miles. Car seems to be in excellent condition. CONS: I've experienced the common accelerator tip-in problem -- can't give it the pedal slowly, just seems to balk -- more pedal & then the turbos kick in & you zoom off. Brakes are extra touchy at in-town speeds, but excellent at high speed. An great cruising auto on the highway, but gas hog in town, more like 12-13 mpg than 15. Happy with it so far, but a little concerned about all the maintenance I've read that others have had to do. We'll see! Could turn out to be a foolish decision buying a 6 year old BMW with so many systems . . .but I'm optimistic.
750 Li BMW these 2012 do use some oil due to turbo chargers which is infact a super charger ran off the exhaust . Some people cannot understand that turbo superchager . Ram air .2012 i have will take an extra quart of oil every 10,000 miles
I love my 750Li performance. But dealer said transmission problems about power disconnection feeling when I starting n stopping. I paid $1200 to replace sensor at dealer. But that's wrong.
Small auto shop guy said that I need to replace Guibo (rubber part behind of transmission) and I paid $500 (dealer said $1200). If dealer said transmission problems about 7 series n you need check guibo first. I complained n BMW guy said lots of 7 series's this problem happened around 70K~80K miles. They already knew it. Why not "RECALL"
Regarding "Bump", it's a computer glitch, for me after using Sport Mode, you have to reset the adaptations which is something you can do, when you get into car turn on the accessories but not the engine, in that mode step on the accelerator for about 25 seconds.. you'll see the shift setting lights go out after the right amount of time.. start the car and you're good to go...

Also Google Max Bimmer it's one of the top threads for the E65 and the solution is detailed there.

Good luck.

Purchased certified vehicle. Cabin smells of trans fluid but can't see any leaks under car. Shifts hard between 1st and 2nd acceleration is not smooth tends to downshift to much.
Our 2012 BMW 750LI has been burning about one quart of oil every 5000 miles. We are currently at 12250+/- and the oil indicator shows that we are losing oil. BMW says its normal for this car to burn oil,but our 2006 750li never did this. Every mechanic I speak to about this says it should not do it. Who am I to believe?
ugly bump on tranny. dealer says need to purchase new one. they are willing to pay half. sounds like they are aware of they recurring problem. other than that, wow of a car.
49,000 miles on my '08 750LI. I had a couple of minor problems: peeling buttons, door struts, but it was all fixed under warranty. I have issues with the DTC which seems to engage even when it's not on and doesn't allow the car to accelerate. This only occurs when it's wet, but the car is literally paralized in some cases. Also, when I punch the accelerator, 50% of the time the rpm's will rev high but the transmission will not engage, thus resulting in a 'bang' when it does engage because the rpms are high. It's almost as if you have to ease into accelerating.
Transmission makes a "bump" noise occasionally when shifting....around 1800 rpms. No problem with electrical system "yet"....but all my firends tell me it's only a matter of time. BMW dealership tried to sell me a maintenance plan....recommend that you have them pull the car data from the ignition key (yes the key stores all info). Analyze whether the "officail scorekeeper" is going to recommend brakes, oil changes, etc. before you plunk down a large sum of money that you may never get a penney out of.
Sep 2, 2009. So far so good. Incredible engine. Cruises quitely at 140kmh. Good fuel economy for a big car. 20 way adj seats are the most comfortable things I've ever sat in.
problem with right signal light wiring failer to harness thats connected to head light causes signal light to malfunction
Transmission makes a bang when shifting from time to time.