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BMW 750iL (10 Reviews)
I have a 1990 BMW 750iL that runs great. I feel like I am driving a sports car. This car is big and fast with a lot of power. I wish the repairs were not so expensive. I test drove a 2011 Audi A 8 this last weekend. I was impressed with the Audi. However, even though my 1990 BMW 750iL has 247,000 miles, and is 21 years older, it competes with the new Audi A 8. This car is a classic and if you find a good mechanic, the V12 BMW is amazing for the power and smooth driving ability. Long live the 750iL... I am considering the new BMW 750 Li. The ultimate driving machines!!!
I am looking for help, maybe someone can tell me what is wrong with my suspension as it rides rough in the back. I have depressed the sport key but I feel no difference in the ride. I would like to fix it myself as you all know how expensive repairs are on this car.

Other than poor gas mileage frequent repairs and high maintenance cost I truly like this car and would like to retain it as it only has 104000 miles. Can anyone help me?

Had this car new, great never a problem have 108.000 on it now still runs like the day it came off the lot
Car has been overall great. Shocks wear down at about 150,000 miles. Very fast and still holds a steady pace on the road.
I have the car registered in Arizona and have to have emissions testing every time I renew my plates. I have had the car for 10 years, never had it tuned, and the emissions test is always below 25% of maximum allowed. Pretty impressive.
owned this car for 12 yrs and the odometer is now at 210,000 miles car runs the same as 12 yrs ago ..the check engine light actually never goes off but i learned to ignore it ..change the camshaft sensors ''4 of them cost $500 each ...the rear window shades never goes down ... engine never had a problem ,had to change the ac blower fan ..... overall the car is 15yrs old and still runs like new !!!!!!!!!
nice car,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I owned this car for 9 years. Powerful, roomy and great to drive. Check engine light was always on from emissions. Electrical started to fail after 150K miles-- GPS stopped working, radio would regularly cutoff, interior turn signals would not work but exterior still worked fine. Loved the car but repairs were pricey, especially when parts were shipped from Germany.
great car... lots of balls
Took my buddies car out on the open road and at 120mph it feels like 60mph, what smooth power this V12 has but the rear leveling struts went out and he had to order them from germany about $1500 each plus shipping OUCH!!