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BMW 740i (16 Reviews)
Picked this dream car up with 39,000 orign. miles like new in and out. Had a brake job done 6 months ago. Now when parked over night when you back up you hear a very loud noise when you first applie the brakes. the nosie Can be heared inside the house. The brakes work fine. Is it the park brake ?/ Cable, Shoes ?

I purchased my 1998 740i in 2005 with 69K. I was hesitant about buying a car online. I had to fly 900 miles to pick up the car. That 900 mile drive back home convinced me that BMW is the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” At one point I was driving and bonding with the car, then I looked at the speedometer and I was going 105 mph. (That’s how we roll in Texas). I couldn’t believe that I was driving that fast. The point is that there was no rattling; no shaking; no vibrations just exhilaration. This is not the car for you if you are on a serious budget. I was fortunate to find a certified BMW mechanic who started his own business to care for my car which saved me a lot on labor but the parts were somewhat pricey even online. I recently traded my 98 with 90K for a 2001 740i with 43K. I was going to save my pennies and purchase a 2009 in 2016 but I just couldn’t pass up this car with that mileage. My new Bimmer and I are getting to know each other but if this one is like my 98 it’s going to be another great relationship.
My alarm will come on while i am driving and don't know what to do In need of any kind of help
I love my 1995 740I. Over 250,000 miles and it still runs like a dream. I am noticing noises in the front when I go over speed bumps and or pot holes it seems to happen only when the front end moves up and down. I would like to see apicture of what possibly needs to be eplaced.
Any help would be greatly apreeciated.

Looking for some help. I have a 1998 740i. The soft close mechanism for the trunk has stopped working. The switch to open the trunk located inside the car on the driver's side will not work. The trunk button on the key will not open the trunk. The trunk will open by using the key in the trunk lock will open it. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
for mi.; the 740i 98 are the best car i love bmw i cant have driveng ather car. wide havidury and aerodinamic i spend sam money bot is ok. joe.
it's a greate car
I have this car it drives well, the problem I have now, is the collent is laking but the tank is not demage. But they told me that I will have to pay $700,00 to repaire it
Having owned a 1982 318i, I knew what a quality car the BMW was. I traded a 1999 Lincoln Town Car with 170,000 miles in on my 2001 740i sport. This car had almost 100,000 miles on it and looks, drives and runs like new. In 10,000 miles I have spend about $150 in parts which includes front brake pads, sensor, check valve, vacuum hose, oil change, air filter and two used coils. I thought parts for this car would be expensive going in, but have purchased everything I needed on line. It is a little rough on the tires, but they are V rated. I will replace with some touring tires and get a 4 wheel alignment. The only item not working is the tape player. I had just bought my wife a low mile Hemi Magnum and would have bought another one of these cars for her had I waited. Everything else I drive now seems slow and cheaply built compared to this 10 year old car. Mileage is 23 MPG average and it climbs to 27 or so when on the interstate. I drive 90 miles a day and dread when I have to take any other car on the trip. The only thing I would change is I now want a 2001 750iL!
Whenever i start my car its vibrating and i can smell patrol inside and out of the car..and also my tape is heating up and ac is not cooling..(ac gas is full)
can anybody tell because of what its happening? am worried about my car...
I put 161K miles on my 94 BMW 740I up and down a mountain, The ultimate driving machine is not a joke. I've driven a 320 Mercedes but nothing matches. The Mercedes floats on the freeway a few miles over the speed limit. The BMW with its 2000 Psi hydraulic pump for the suspension and steering lowers the vehicle 1/2 to 1 inch and the steering and suspension gets stiff this keeps you in touch with wheels to steering to the road sensation.

I am however heart broken when I blew a head gasket, As an aircraft mechanic I figured I could do it and to my surprise the car is well engineered. Just mark everything, use containers and label them, take pictures as you dis-assemble just to be sure. Most important get the $110 manual. The other point is special tools, don't worry you can improvise and you may need to make a couple of timing blocks for the camshafts.

My problem here and now is after it was all back together It was running like the timing was incorrect, so I double checked and again and again, then found my oil level sensor had burnt wires and was no longer registering a 1k ohm resistance. called and found $400 cost for a new part. Went to the junk yard and with an ohm meter and 10 mm wrench, paid $17 for a used one. Now my $150 diagnotics tool does not work and I am at a loss. Thinking it is my EC module, no break out box to check it.

Anyone have any ideas?
BMW owner in love with the 740I

Had a 740iL before this and put on 180K miles. Maintained it and it ran good but was a little tired looking inside due to kids and dog. Got an 01 740i and have 80K miles. You will pay premium prices for repairs, but it's worth it. Don't buy the car if you need an economy car; this is not it. If you whine over costly maintanance, don't buy it; it costs. I recently paid about $4000 for suspension, pixel repairs, etc. That's allot but I wanted it kept in like new condition so I paid. I can probably put on another 100K miles now without major repairs. I Will have to replace brakes relatively often. If you want the best car on the planet, and are prepared to pay for it, this is it.
I've experienced minor wear and tear problems however my 94 740i has performed well and continues to show me that maintenace and care extend the life of an automobile and is I will keep it original.
2001 BMW 740i Sports This car drives and handles very well, no problems at all, like it was still new, All electrical components works and the interior is still in immaculate condition, the body is in excellent condition and the engine and transmission are still going strong. still the best car I have ever owned and I have owned over 25 cars to date.
1998 740i (sport) - 101,000 miles - Body/paint/ flawless but some interior features are cheaply built or overdesigned and fail, such as: cup holders - all are overly complex and fragile and have all broken, the panel that holds the seat controls on the lower left side of the driver's seat snapped off (thin plastics) and the parking brake release is too flimsy and it broke, too. Several of the pixels in the radio/computer display have pooped out. Brakes are silent, tight, and wonderful. New rotors and pads at 80,000 (seems right). Drive train has been trouble-free. Exhaust is still like new, heating and A/C good, A/C could be stronger. New struts (used OEM to not mess with handling). Thermostat replaced and it's in need of new valve cover gaskets.(estinmated $300) All in all it is a dream to drive. hard to describe how rock solid and agile it is. VERY powerful (280 hp.), very fast, handles like nothing else - a real pleasure. Leather is superior to any other manufacturer - I understand BMW buys only exclusive Italian leather - and it shows. One problem... every repair is EXPENSIVE. Thermostat was $600, radiator replacementr was $700... you get the idea. BUT I bought it used at a substantial discount from original $75,000 price... so it's worth the expense. It's not as large as it looks (198 inches long, 4,200 pounds - It's smaller than the new Challenger) yet it holds 5 adults in silent opulent luxury. (That wood trim is real walnut).My "Artik Silber" (Arctic Silver) BMW is a timeless beauty. Best part - gas mileage is 20-25 mpg in the city, 24-28 on the highway. Incredible! Change oil/filter, rotate tires, and realign every 3,000 miles. Replaced all hoses and belts as soon as I bought it. So... she's been pampered. (And she's been up to 144 mph... with pedal left). Some call this E38 model of the BMW 7-Series the best car ever built. They might be right.
I have owned my '00 740i with sport package since '01. The car is my second vehicle and I average about 7K miles per year. For a big, heavy luxury sedan the vehicle handles superbly and accelerates well. I have had several sets of VR rated tires and finally found a set that lasted more than 15K miles (Kuhmo ASX tires). I have had to replace several things on the car that seem inherent to this model (radiator, power steering hoses, mass air-flow meter, instrument pixel cluster) under the manufacture warranty. The brakes were replaced at 48K and will probably need to be replaced again soon. My average combined city/highway mileage is approximately 17-18mpg. This will probably be my last BMW and will stick with vehicles that need less attention, like my Toyota 4Runner.