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BMW 645Ci (11 Reviews)
front end suspension wear-out tires. cool morning low tire pressure light comes on. battery have early warning senor .
All these comments from somewhat believable, caring ppl, with these issues with this BMW? Wow...Has anyone ever said these BMW's started out with a price tag well above $60k, $70k & $80k?...These specific 645ci 2004's, 2005's were designed, enginered and launched out (for sale by BMW dealers around the world) to a population of Baby Boomers, Mellinial's and X-PAC's with the ability to absorb the initial price tag yet later sub-allocate the BMW 645ci as an inherited vehicle (with some issues) that was built and produced well before it's time.
Ultimate driving machine.........when it runs. I have 70,000. miles on mine. It's had and still has oil leaks, trunk lid will not stay aligned and now it only opens with the key. The resevoir craked a leak, trunk leaked water into it and blew the $1200. amp so no sound no communcation center. now it will not run and I have been told, after a $800. "trouble shooting" tab that it has something to do with the Cam. Never own another BMW again! I was also told that this year of the 645ci had lots of problems.
When it runs, this car is the Ultimate Driving Machine. The problem is that it does not run an average of 2 months out of the year, each year, since we bought it new in December of 2004. The repair file we have for this car is 3" thick. Just to name a few, we found out within a few weeks of owning the vehicle that both back wheels were cracked when we bought it. The washers around the ends of the coolant pipe running through the engine react with coolant, disintegrate and require a $12,000 repair at 80 to 90 thousand miles. A design defect in the convertible top drain line caused water to pour into the trunk onto the Logic7 amp and fried almost all of the speakers. The dealership had to replace each computer module. The oil pump simply leaks. Fixing it does no good because it starts leaking almost immediately. The secondary air pump lines broke at 80k, AC compressor went out at 90k miles, and alternator at 60k miles. The interior rubber covered plastic panels shed the rubber cover and scuff if you look at them too hard. The dealership agreed to replace them once but informed us that BMW would not do it again. In other words, BMW knows the interior panels are not fit for their intended purpose but used them anyway. Right side front lights have failed 3 times faster than any other area. Yes, all of them. Of course, the design defect with the headlights probably contributes to the problem. The seal for the $1,500 headlights dry rots at 50k miles, the headlights then condensate and/or flood, short and cause damage all over the place. We have replaced the Xenon controller, ballast, headlight bulb and even the wiring inside the headlight because it dry rotted and caused another short. The alternator seal leaks. Repairing it does little good because after 10k miles, it leaks again. The expansion tank sprung a leak. The coolant reservoir sprung a leak. An ignition coil failed. The small, hard plastic, coolant line that runs over the radiator sprung a leak about every 10k miles until I wrapped it with a heat shield. We have had to replace the battery three times two of which were at a discount because the batteries were well within their expected lifespan. My wife is terrified of the seat heater after an incident wherein it quickly heated to a high enough to first degree burn every part of her body touching the seat. BMW recalled these same seat heaters in other models but denied any problem with them in the 2004 645ci. Aside from the leak from the design defect with the convertible top drain line, the trunk leaks. The convertible top leaks from time to time. The engine leaks oil everywhere after about 70k miles. The plastic housing for the window lifter controls and around the gearshift wears like a cheap suit. The right rear emergency brake fell apart and nearly caught the wheel on fire. Multiple sensors have failed. The AC belt broke at 50k miles. Various hoses have prematurely broken. The computer is slow. The navigation is a DVD, and if you want to update it, get ready to take out a loan. It is idiotically expensive. The entertainment and communications system is virtually impossible to update without spending $10k. The run-flat tires are four to five hundred a piece, last 30k miles, and cannot be patched if you pick up a nail. The brakes produce so much dust, the light gray front rims are black within 1k miles after washing them. The left front wheel bearing went out. Some valve in the transmission went bad because it was designed wrong. Don't unplug any electrical connectors because they dry rot and will almost assuredly brake. The steering wheel clicks when turned in cold weather.

The list goes on and on and on and on. We are afraid to sell it because something will more than likely brake right as the buyer drives away and will sue us for fraud. Consistent with the quality of their product, BMW won't stand behind it. We have contacted them about the shocking amount of problems with the car, and BMW's response is basically, "It's your problem." BMW - The Ultimate POS.
I had problems with the tires not holding air. Bought new wheels and problem solved.
my 2005 645ci back glass want come down.and i cannot open the top when the window stuck. what should i do..thanks..harout
The wheels are awful. There was a class action law suit regarding the replacement of the 121 style wheels but BMW is hiding behind the warranty and other B.S. I'm constantly repairing, welding, changing, and buying wheels and tires. Its a shame.
my headlight has mousture in it is there anyway to repaire it without spending 2000 to replace it with a new one plse someone who has had this problem get bak to me thnx
LOVE everything about this car EXCEPT problems with wheels. In the 4 years we have owned it, we have replaced 9 wheels due to dents and cracking. We don't even know how this most recent wheel dented and cracked -- the dent is very small, but it is also cracked and now the tire won't hold air. These wheels are AWFUL!!!
Tires wear pretty fast..idrive takes some getting used too. BMW drives like a dream.
Brake recall - part on back order for months
constant tire problems - flats and cracked rims - this car does NOT like NYC driving - it is unforgiving
SNOW - take a bus or pray!