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BMW 530i (34 Reviews)
the front seat heating system keeps, overheating other than that I haven't had any major nor minor problems with it.
the only down fault is that the vin number doesn't seem to show up in the American system, since I bought it while on active duty in Germany . I'm now retired and it was very hard for me to get any warranty work on it.
nice car, very comfortable and reliable.
I may had missed a few recalls , if anybody can tell me how to go back and have that check out even-though the bin number doesn't appears in the American system please let me know. thank you.
I had the car for 13 years - its at 120,000 miles still looks luxury all in the interior cabin. Never had problems few minor things luckily my BMW 530i has been very dependable. Just had a new starter replaced. Gets BMW scheduled maintenance every five thousand miles - change spark plugs at 5,000) get my routine maintenance. My BMW is comfortable runs and drives beautifully not a single problem have from this car. Original everything no oil leaks or dings the paint that was factory on car looks like new in Bronze mist metallic. It rides while it is definitely the Ultimate driving machine. I've got all services records and date in purchased the car get oil changes - fluids changed at five thousand miles there aren't any minimal problems out of my BMW absolutely love it.
130,000 miles and no problems. I would suggest before you write a review on a car, you should own one thathas been serviced regularly and well maintained. if you buy a Ferrari from a 16 year old then you should know what to expect.I would not hesitate to drive mine with a hundred thirty K from Florida to Alaska
My 2006 BMW now has 167100 miles and I have been faithfully maintaining it since its original purchase. It has rewarded me with impeccable performance although I've experienced some repairs: a water pump at 50K miles, a radiator at 154K miles, a new oil pan, regular brakes repairs, a hairline break in a wheel, a starter at 130K miles, a trunk actuator + light replacement, a front headlight, an average $120/month maintenance cost(not including tires) and an excellent MPG(up to 34 MPG at 75 MPH with no air conditioning running). I love the finish in this car and the smooth purring engine, unlike any other car I've owned. This is my 4th BMW and I intend to stay loyal to the brand as its performance-price- comfort ratio is quite competitive. It still looks like new(dark metallic blue color)and I enjoy it every time I jump in the cabin! Recommended......
My 05 530I has 64,000 miles I have had to replace valve cover gaskets, window motor, trunk housing & light. Now it needs struts & oil pan gaskets. Also had to paint the roof, replace the back window gasket & will be painting the trunk next. I will mot be buying another BMW. Have had unexpected repairs for the low mileage & the exterior & interior has not held up.
My car has only 109, 633 miles on it and it has had nothing but problems since 89,000 miles. I have done everything to this car and BMW are way over rated. Stay Away!!!
GReat, my wife loves it!!!!!!!!
everybody have somethimes problems with every car, bmw 530 is luxury and when you stay next to any japanese or american car you cant compare them, bmw and mercedes rules
Bought pre-owned in 2006 at 25K. LOVE this car. Have had only one mechanical issue with a minor oil leak. Other than this has been as reliable as my Honda, Acura, and Nissans of past. Very happy with the car, has 130K on it now, still looks like new but know it will start to cost more so am considering to sell it. East coast winters are tough. Don't buy the winter tires/rims at BMW dealer- go to Tire Rack and save $2K. Only annoying aspects are the RFT sensors when not running run flats, and the drink holders cost $400 to replace and break easily. Other than that it still purs at 100mph like it did when new. Love the car but will sell to avoid the expensive repairs I know are coming.
I have 118,000 miles on this car and it is running strong and gets very good gas milage. Very few issues over the years all small and never left me stranded. I love this car and it is a pleasure to work on.
l love this car but need to know one thing after how long do i service e gearbox and what type of atf do i use.
I've had this car almost 10 years - and 116,000 wonderful miles. Have had minimal problems until this year when we had to replace the alternator and now there is an issue with the crankcase vent valve. Fortunately I gave up on dealer maintenance a long time ago and have a reliable mechanic who charges fair prices - not the gouging that goes on at BMW dealers. I followed some good advice when we bought it and have had oil and filter changes every 7500 miles. Sadly, though we will be moving on - but I'll miss my baby - truly the ultimate driving machine.
Cons are definitely the cup holders (BMW doesn't like you to eat or drink in their cars) and the regular headlights - wished I'd ponied up for the xenon headlights.
BMWs are cars to be leased only. Power seats, a/c blower, p/s hoses,
windshield washer pump, front shocks, crankcase vent valve, headlights adjusting mechanism, cup holders, are of poor quality. They sell because have tight ride, great steering,solid feeling, excellent braking, and timeless design. But they are not reliable.
Infinity G37,and Cadillac CTS, are to be considered when thinking about a 530.
I love my car it stills looks brand new but since 89,000 milies parts are going bad, which costs an arm and a leg. If you can afford the repair at the dealer than buy one, but if you can't afford repair bills of 1000 or more a shot, stay away. I had no problems with this car until it hit 89,000 milies, so I would say its a great car.
Purchased the car new, only owner, wifes car and she's no Formula driver. Transmission went south at 63k miles, out of warranty. Dealer agreed to replace with a new trans if we paid for labor ($2500.) vs $6000. otherwise as BMW does not rebuild trannies, and a very reputable transmission fellow I know says he has a very difficult time getting parts for repair. Paid the labor fee, repaired the tranny and have garaged the vehicle since 2006, driving it sparingly. Bought a Lexus.

BMW alternator went south last year and now there is an issue with the air/heating system. Blower/fan will not operate.

The money drain continues.

I bought this car certified pre-owned in 1998. It had 17,000 miles on it. The car now has 121,000 miles. It had transmission failure right around 50,000 miles and BMW replaced it for free. The car has had no other major problems. I expect to drive it for another 100,000 miles.
We bought the car @27k miles - CPO - in 2005. Right off the bat, car wouldn't start: got it jump started but it quit soon after, so the alternator and battery were replaced under warranty. The next problem that was vexing this car was the cooling system - the expansion tank (small crack), thermostat, cap and bleeder screws were replaced @48k miles. Also replaced leaking p/s hose; a badly leaking valve cover gasket and grommets; and a worn out front thrust arm bushings. But soon @51k "check coolant level" warning, as well as "service engine soon'' light, kept showing up which was very annoying since the issue wasn't resolved. Anyways, tech determined that the radiator leaked and needed to be replaced; and for the "SES" warning, two possible causes were presented - faulty tank vent valve and/or leaking crankcase vent valve causing lean mixture. We declined both fixes at the time and drove car for a year and half with these issues. Had to add lots of water and coolant as a temporary fix in the meantime. @60k, we found a good repair shop (shout-out to Swiss Motors) other than the dealer and replaced radiator, belts, hoses, all 4 brakes, pcv valve,..., for less than half what the dealer quoted. Overall, the car makes up for the upkeep with its looks and performance. Finding a fair shop other than the dealer is a prerequisite for owning this type of vehicle.
Bought my 06 BMW 530i used at 17k mi. Now have 112k mi. NO problems. I bought the extended service contract for $1200, giving me all standard service upt o $100k mi. Now I go to local shop servicing only Bimmers. I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS CAR. As fun as a Porsche (well, almost, ha ha) and reliable as a Honda. This is the best car I have ever owned, including my old reliable Nissan Maxima. It is even better than my first Bimmer, the 2000 323i. My recommendation: Buy a CERTIFIED used car with LOW mileage (you'll save $$) then immediately buy a maintenance pkg to cover you up to 100k (keep in mind you will need to drive adequate mileage for this to be feasable). Great car - my wife likes it much better than her Audi A6.
2004 530i-transmission failure at 47k miles. Needs to be replaced to the tune of $5,200.
No help from BMW or the dealer because the car is over 5 years old. We took very good care of the car with regular service at the dealer, and the car is like new. We never drove it more than 6,500 miles per year. 1,000 of that was our annual trip to Palm Desert. This transmission failure is so rare, they don't even have a transmission in the U.S. for replacement. This is not my first BMW, but it is my last.
Bought it used with about 60K miles.
The cup holders failed immediately The exterior lights and dashboard display failed or are failing. The tires wear unevenly due to bushing falure. the radiator failed. the brakes cost over $1,000 to replace because they come an integrated unit. Need I go on? When it's fixed, it runs great, but if you cannot afford high maintenance, buy it new and sell before 60K miles.
Great car but expensive to maintain
Great car, but do not replace the battery yourselve unless you have done your home work.
I had to replace the steering rack for $1700 when it had 35000 miles but was out of warranty. Replaced a loose tie rod end at 60000 miles. Besides these two repairs the car has been a joy to own. It has 61000 miles on it and drives and looks like it did when I bought it new.
Third BMW 325, 528 and now 530. I finished a long time ago with Asian autos. Plenty of mechanics out there to do normal maintenance at a very reasonable price. German engineering seems to be of higher quality than that of past Japanese and American autos.
this car has 58000k and is starting to fall apart. If this is the best of german engineering i would honestly hate to see the worst.
Performance wise the car is great.
car is great but like most owners probably agree after 50,000 you better start looking for another car
have a 2007 530I with a leaky oil pan, has been in the shop twice for the same problem and now of course the warranty is leaking again! i am selling this leaky tin can after i fix it,
great car, smoothe ride. However, when warrant is over our pockets will feel the raft of what is means to own a bmw
own a 05 530i kinda slow wish i had the new 300hp average trunk space. good price on oil changes everything is else is expensive. bmw the best car to have up to 50,000 miles because of the free maitenance.. after 50,000 get ready to trade it in for another bmw. lol