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After reading the other consumer review, I do believe I have a lemon on my hands. I bought this car in 2011 with 68,000 on it hoping this car would do me good. I kept up with the maintenance on this vehicle but in turn the vehicle has killed me softly. The first two years with the vehicle was fine. I needed to replace the rotors, brake pads, rear passenger window motor, and the oil. The third year trying times stumbled upon me. I ended up spending at least 8k in work on this car (almost the value of the car). Everything that could go wrong did -- radiator went, rad hoses went, valve cover oil leak happened, spark plugs and ignition coils went, belt went (stalled on me right in the middle of the street...very dangerous), lower rad hose, oil filter housing, lower ball joint, power seat stopped working, window motor on the front passenger, wiper motor failed, atv fluid leaking, clear coat started peeling and the list goes on.... I WILL NOT ever buy another BMW.

-signed one unhappy Virginian
seat problems. pulley. clutch fan. head lights bulb. I can go on and on
my 4 ways wont go off can any help me out
We bought our 2001 525I , 6months ago and we are the 3rd owners. We are at 167,000. Its in the shop now for an oil leak upper compartment of the engine, but not the head gasket issue. We replaced the back tires and a couple of oil changes since purchasing it for $3200. we bought it from a guy that had a 325 as well. This has been a great car. Great on gas coming from a F150 v8. My only complaint about this car is being a passenger 6fttall Iin the backseat and a 6ft tall person in the front seat. Not much room. But the 4 door model is nice when its just my partner and I and our dog. We will definitely enjoy driving this machine for another 100k plus.
Overall great car. looks great, and drives great
my gps was working how do i get it back working
Drove my 525 to 227,000 miles until my cousins kid wrecked it. Sad sad day. He was fine, car was totalled. I'm sure the car would still be nearly serving me perfectly to this day if I had it. Great great vehicle.
Just purchased a 2001 525iBMW, wanted to know if anyone has ever purchased extended warranty, as it is very expensive, 78,000klms on this beauty, is it worth the money @ 3000.00 for this or should just bank the money for repairs than to lay out that kind of extra money, regards lee:)
Great car but repairs are expensive. The question is there is no replacement available for it. Find a good independent repair shop as BMW of North America and ALL dealers are a complete joke!! If you find a good repair shop this is a once in a life time car. Around 94595 I would highly recommend European Werkstaat. I would buy it again.
My dad bought me a 1995 525i in dark red and so far it's been very reliable and solid. When the car was purchased it had 174,800 miles but I have put on more. Car starts up and runs like a champ even when it's 24 degrees outside! Engine has the right amount of power and is mechanically sound. The car can handle driving on the freeway and in light traffic without any problems. The interior is nice and comfortable. The center console is easy to use with it's simple set up. Automatic transmission shifts without any hesitation. The trunk is massive which will be helpful when I go to the food store. Heating an A/C work like magic. The body is in great shape. No dents anywhere and no paint damage. Everything else works perfectly. My dad definitely made a great purchase.
Best car i have drove, great drive, nice looking and ideal for the family. Look after your car and your car will look after you and i plan to keep doing this :)
I bought my 525i used from a co-worker with 71,000 miles 4 years ago- I now have 146,000 miles and other than normal maintenance, it is a terrific car and I am happy to have it!
the transmission program is a real problem. The manual tells that the electric shift controller has failed. please reply if solution is found.
I have had a 2001 525i BMW since new. It has done 278,000 miles and I see no reason why it should not do another 100,000 plus. The engine and power train is still like new. No oil leaks and the power is still the same when I first bought the car. I recently had a misfire which I fixed myself by changing the fuel filter and installing one new ignition coil. The best car I have ever owned.
I have a bmw 525i 1995. two hoses have to be changed
1 was easy to do l ocated on the side of engine)
difficult to find for 2nd hose where to put it in engine

1 is air flax hose
2nd is temp gauge hose

I own a 1997 BMW 528i. This is a very reliable and low maintainance vehicle. I love it. No major work. Been driving it to work (75 miles/day) for a year and half now, without problems. Changed the radiator water reservoir. The external temp guarge has been broken, but I just get my weather forcast from my
My instrument cluster went dead on me today.
It's perplexing when I am driving.
What can it be? Please help.
Thank you up front.
I bought used 2003 525i and it has been a nightmare. Twisted seat, LED display, pulley coming off, cracked radiator, belt replacement, fuel filter, brakes, heated seates, cup holder, headlight, brake light, shocks, loss of hp, service light, leaking oil, leaking power steering fluid and other problems have all be taken place in the short 6 month time I have owned it. No wonder there are so many you-tube videos on how to fix a BMW. I would never recommend a BMW. i am sticking to American Made next time.
I am holding this bmw 525i model 1993. I am having problem in replacing ac regulator. Can anyone guide me how to replace the same? Also how to remove radiator, dynamo belt, fan clutch, plugs and injectors along with the photographs.
I own a 2001 BMW 525i my battery is not holding a charge it is fairly new I believe my alarm has something to do with my battery draining do to it being so sensitive. my alarm goes off at night and I don't hear it when it goes off, in which it continues to sound. by morning my battery is low and my car wont start without a jump. my question is if I have my battery fully recharged at a shop would that help. I did have my alarm toned down at the dealer.
i have a white 1995 bmw 525i and it starts up and runs perfect it can also race and beat alot of other cars because of the engine size and it is a foreign car. i love it
my wife and i just purchased a 1995 525i,we have owned it just three months,2nd owners,no major troubles,i would like to know more about bleeding the cooling system,even is it necessary to overhaul the system at 164k miles...i curious about tranny's oil...we are just hoping we made a good choice in this car.
Fun to drive but the electrical glitches will drive you crazy. Purchased with 110,000 miles on the ticker. Replaced upper and lower chains and tensioners, VANOS was rebuilt and the anti rattle fix installed. Replaced brake pad sensors, calipers, rotors, pads, reaer window regulators, TPS, speed sensor, tranny was fushed and filled. All for a grand total of $3600(including the purchase of the car itself.) Now to remove that @#$%! speed limiter.
I love my car. It is a 2004 525i. I just put M6 take offs on it and it runs perfect. until i recieved the transmission error on the dash. Do i need a whole transmission? BMW said that they would beglad to help at a tune of 6500.00. Any other solution to look at first?
Why BMW make cars so complicate? Both front power seats do not work, or work when they feet like it. We are in our second radiator and we replaced the original water pump( the one with the plastic impeler??????)with a new BMW design.Even with overprice parts and labor, our car has been a solid automobile but not a reliable one.
Once ny transmission is warm, it begins to slip. The shift is hard when i stop. i have to feather the pedal to speed up so the car wont jerk. I have taken it to BMW several times and the "RESET" the transmission. A few days later it goes back to slipping. Any suggestions?
This is the best car that I have ever owned. It rides great after 7 years and 60,0000 miles. I have spent approx. $2,000.00 on maint. now using a mom & pop BMW cert. mech. oil changes run $80.00 Ken Baker Originals uses all OEM parts. Located in Myrtle Beach, SC and Wilmington NC
love the car, hate the expense
I have a 91 went I do oil change after a 1 month my car need one core of oil again any suggestion I need to fix this problem.

i'm a 2nd owner but still very pleased with the performance. got it 2005 and still running good in 2010. just minor changes. all i did was took care of the mengine oil every 4000 miles using synthetic oil. lots of friends still say "nice car".