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BMW 330Ci (18 Reviews)
I have a 2005 BMW 330ci I bought it uses so far the only thing that has happened is the check engine light came on because of the wrong fuel was put into the car.1 bottle of fuel treatment and some high octang gas she is back to rolling along the brakes make a lot of dust but that's nothing to worry about
Had a 1996 318 cabriolet 5 speed for 10 years and loved it. Then bought a 2002 330Ci to upgrade and ... I will never in a million years buy another "Big Money Waster" again. The new engines are black boxes with no diagnostic tools. They can't diagnose the problem. I have paid thousands trying to solve an engine RANDOMLY STALLING that started within 3 months of buying it used from BMW dealer. No one knows how to fix - they have no idea what is wrong. I drive a stalling car as a result. They have over engineered past their own ability, and the consumer pays. Dearly.
I bought a 2004 330ci ZHP COUPE and LOVE this car. It is loaded with "M" stuff,(totally love the ALCANTARA M steering wheel),and it looks just like an "M" and runs like a "BAT"!! As far as repairs go "ZERO". I got it in Dec. 2005,2nd owner with 30K miles on it. In a nut shell it's been a great car and I will own another one and recommend them to others. As the sloagan says "THE ULTIMATE DRIVING EXPERIENCE",I'm a true believer.
To many problems has cost me $7000.00 in repairs over last two years now faced with no brake lights,no seat warmers, and no horn or clock display one of the worst cars i ever own.
I will not buy another car unless it is a BMW. I name her Sylvia I love our morning cruz with the rage top down. Man the looks I get....when I am driving her, I am Black female with her hair down blowing in the wind.
dsc and p/brake lights stays on also winding noise then vehicle struggle to move
330CI...Hair line crack in the expansion tank...Mechanic told me this was a common thing...I didn't think much of it UNTIL a couple of weeks later my daughters car 2003 Z4 developed the same leak.. Here we are a couple of week later and my wallet is not almost two thousand dollars lighter... While I do love driving my 330ci...Gotta tell ya, there are certain things about the fit and finish that are really cheap..all of my window surrounds are cracked and falling apart...door post upholstery both side coming off... mind you I've only just made 80,000 miles and it is garage kept in evenings... Louisiana does not have the harshest of sand and salt during the winters etc...Also had about $1,000 worth of front end suspension work done. I was told the ball joints had worn out..(80,000 miles guys) Unless Moss Motors in Lafayette LA is claiming service work that is not being done..Who knows. Think I'll get a high end Jap trap next go round.
I'm along in my years and have never had a car that is more fun to drive. (It's my wifes and I always come up with an excuse to take it). But, she is looking for a new car and I refuse to buy another BMW simply because of how complicated it is to operate the electronics in it. E.g., Navigation, Radio, etc. Talk about being over engineered!
My heat and AC only blows ok when im on the freeway... What could be the problem?

Several prblems in last 2 years over 4000.00 dollars in repairs. Car looks good but a money pit!!!!
this is our fun car. bought used and had to drop a couple k to get things right but now it has 96k and drives like it is new. very good gas mileage. shifting is difficult especially reverse, not sure if it is a 330i thing or just this car.
I just purchased a 2004 BMW 330cic with 74K miles. I just took it in to have the oil changed and the mechanic said I needed new rear coil springs. This is an expensive repair. He said that BMWs of this era were known for their weak coil springs and were prone to breakage. Has anyone else had this problem? I would also like to know how long can I drive with bad coil springs before it becomes dangerous.
Just bought a 2006 330 Ci---4045 miles on it and showroom condition. Drove it 550 miles back home. Handled like a dream--rock solid, sound system to die for, 28.6MPG, Simply a magnificient car in every respect. Can't wait to go look at her in the garage when I get up in the AM:)

This my first BMW and I love it. I do not look forward to repairs however. I have 74K on her now and have had 0 issues so far. I will need new tires soon and I know those will be expensive, but this car is worth any amount of repair or TLC I can give it.
The 2006 BMW 330cic truly earns it's badges reputation as the "Ultimate Driving Machine" It is as fun to drive as it is to stare at. The car's lines and fit and finish ooze class and sophistication and impecable detail. Every body junction, panel, and part are placed with absolute precision with very few American Style "press fit" and never fit again parts. Everything can be easily accessed and repaired as if it was designed with a mechanic standing behind every design engineer. Add the "M" badge on the steering wheel with the styled ground effects package and tightened suspension and it will even get a look from the local high school parking lot. The engine delivers a sharp exhaust note that won't turn the heads of the Harley Davidson crowd or encourage letters from the home owners association, but lets your neighbors know "you've arrived in life." It is impeccably European. In sharp turns the tires and suspension will just not let go of the road and the connection between the driver and the road is unmatched by virtually anythin else for less than a quarter million. The engine could stand a few extra horses to push comfortably past the occasional Mustang Racer who thinks he owns a real sports car, but choose a tight twisting road and the pulse will race and the anything in the rear view mirror will quickly dissapear. Virtually nothing has gone wrong with the car in almost 45k miles. My only problem has been the rubber seal around the edge of the convertable top which tore and dissentigrated after about 100 openings but never leaked. It was even replaced free by the local shop with the 50k mile factory warranty (get that kind of service from anything domestic!). Once you add free maintenance for EVERYHTING except for tires within the initial warranty and the heafty pricetag suddenly begins to seem like a bit of a bargain? Overall, this is my favorite car in the stable and why I've owned more than a few bavarian made vessles over the years.
This 2001 BMW 330Ci convertible is phenomenal with exterior color, Titanium Silver and interior, Italian “Tuscany” Red leather with full sport (M3 style) package and all other options excluding NAV. It is my wife’s car, but I specified it. She lets me drive it sometimes. We would have purchased the M3 that year but it was not available then in any kind of an automatic and my wife will only drive automatic as sad as that is. This 330Ci excels in all areas. The brakes stop on a dime. It holds the curvy roads perfectly and very hard to force it to swing its butt out or break loose. On the freeway, it lane tracks perfectly albeit some road noise even with the top up (It’s a soft-top convertible – go figure.) The Italian leather sport seats are to die for and comfortable for anyone 5ft (my wife) to 6ft 3” (me) – no fatigue even on drives of 12 hrs+ at my age. The AC and heater will freeze or toast you before you get out of your garage in all outside temperatures. The only minor issue is the quality of the premium “Harmon Cardin” sound system at very high volumes with the top-down; it could be a bit louder without distortion. I did blow a pair of front door tweeters a year or so ago that cost $600 bucks to replace, but I had the volume way up. Other than the stereo at high volumes, top-down, it is a real crowd pleaser and even after being 9 yrs old now with 74,000 miles, it still gets great positive comments from complete strangers and performs virtually the same as when new. I do recommend the Michelin Pilot Sport tires for front and rear. I tried a pair of Good Year Eagle F1 GS-D3s, which are a world-class, superior quality / performance tire on the rear that provided slightly better rain / wet-road performance than the Michelins but for the dry track road, the Michelins are the BEST! If you like to drive for driving sake, this is one of a few cars that give it up nicely!
I love this car, it runs strong and handles great. i was shocked on how smooth and powerful it is. this is my first bmw and i can tell you that once this car dies on me i will end up buying another bmw. it is a very reliable car and worth every penny. if you have never driven a bmw before i strongly suggest you should at least go out and test drive one. you will want one.
This car looks great, and handles great. But it comes with a HUGE maintanence cost. I drop at least $2000 a year on one thing or the other. Don't get the sports package if you live on a road that has even a few bumps on it. The shocks die out fast, and the car feels really unstable after that.