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BMW 328i (27 Reviews)
Done 11000 miles since purchase - General performance is OK - I like the MPG at 28-32 on a two way round trip of 32 miles.
Don't Likes: Very noisy interior on most roads - Seems like the tires need to be changed for a smoother and quieter ride. This is an annoying problem and or design flaw. Would this car benefit from a better sound deadening material to be installed?
Cannot say much for the Sound system when playing CD's - BMW needs to stop putting unnamed 'cheap' / 'nasty' loud speakers in their cars regardless of price points.
I am now climbing over 207,000 miles.
This is the 3rd 3 series I've owned, and it is everything I have come to expect from my bimmers. I started with a 1999 323, then a 2003 325, which were totaled and I walked away without a scratch. I enjoy the nice ride of the 328 and the only complaint I have is the cup holder placement on the dash, as the passenger cupholder has had to be replaced twice under warranty. I love my bimmers! Between the 323 and 325 I was coerced into buying an Acura, but didn't keep it a year because it didn't have the feel I had come to expect behind the wheel. The 323 had the sports suspension package and was the most fun to drive (and practically made it's own gas) but the smooth, quite ride of the later two keep me legal (most of the time). 3 months after owning the 328 I was side-swiped by an 18-wheeler on the interstate and still walked away unharmed! I feel safe in these vehicles! And it looks good as new although I hated it had to be painted. I know better than to buy anything else. I am definitely hooked.
I purchased a new 2012 328i 4\6\2012. The engine light came on 12/4/2012 and again on 12/7/2012 twice in 3 days and i was told that it's not the engine but a sensor. Tom Bush BMW in Jacksonville Florida on Atlantic Blvd, changed out the expansion tank twice. The first time they put the same size expansion tank in the car, three days later the engine light came back on and this time they said they put a larger expansion tank in my car...... I have also had several problems with the computer system shuting down and blinking out. Four times within a year. I was told that the computer system was overheating....they changed out the radio (they said) and re-programed the system three times within a 9 month period. The computer system blink out again after the radio was changed out and this time i was told they re-booted the computer system????? Wow. June of this year I'm still having the same problems with this 2012 328i BMW and it has been the WORST experience ever. This car has been to the shop more times in a year than any car I have and own in 10years. It's been one problem after another. Tom Bush BMW (Jacksonville,Fl) has the WORST customer service and service department in the WORLD from the head to the bottom. They do not take care of the cars or treat there customers properly. I filed a lemon law against BMW of North America and I am currently in arbitration. I will keep you guys posted.....Cherie
Purchased in 2009. September 2012 Profile gaskets replaced and ignition coil replaced $1678.48. February 2013 Junction Box and power cable replaced, in addition to that, the belt tensioner had to be replaced $2474.00. Had a Nissan Altima for 10 years and didn't spend this kind of cash to keep it maint. Not worth it.
I purchased the car with 70K miles I have since driven 36K miles..keep in mind it is a 5 speed manual tranmission..excellent gas mileage, handles fantastic..have only changed oil..uses no oil between changes ,replaced rear tailight bulb , front headlight bulb( the dash indicates which light is out-very easy to change bulbs) I just replaced all 4 tires, and put in a new battery..everyone that rides with me comments on how quiet and comfortable car acts..needless to say I am extremely happy with vehicle..
Bought floor model (2008) in Sept. 2009 (300 mi) Within a week noticed rear differential fluid leak at right rear tire. Then the fan in the ventiliation system broke, then the navigation started etching out. Since then I've bought a new disc, had the navigation computer hauled over, had a new nav screen installed, then started with a valve gasket cover leak. Had to get 4 new tires at 50K miles, just another $1500 for that. Most of these problems happened before my 55K mech.warranty ran out.. but geez... when I consider that I've owned Nissan's in the past up to and over 100K miles and never had a problem I'm wondering what the heck. Just to drive a BMR... I'm reconsidering big time.
Got my 2012 BMW 328I last Thursday. I love it, but the Black plastic 'molding' on door next to window were chipping off and The headrest pillow white foam was coming out.
After waiting for 2 mo. for my 328i to arrive,finally got it 2 weeks ago.For the last week it has been in the dealer repair shop b/c according to the mechanic "after working back and forth w. BMW they told us the problem might be in the transmission oil tank.....first one to see w this situation at this BMW"
Any one w similar experience??
Feedback please!!
my pastors wife has a real bad oil leak
problem from the start. 2007 328i bmw $22k.
bought the car used at exotic car dealer in rt 1&9 elixabeth.
its been making a lot of knocking noise in the engine plus a whistle noise coming out from the bottom of the engine,and many of the indicator come on the dash board within 2 days after purchase.
I took it back for in exchance, of cause they refused,they said it was a minor problem and request to fix it,so they did oil change and a few test.that only work for one wk afterward samething allover again,so that process repeated five time,i called BBB they were unable to do anything, cause the dealer always said they are fixing it,they keept doing oil change and test until the warranty expired,and now i'm stuck with a problem car.If you have any suggestion please share it? i'll appreciate it thank you.
200 328I was purchased with 64,000 miles. The only thing i had to replace so far is the fuel pump at about 13,000. Out the blue, in 65 degree weather, my car ran hot. After about 30 minutes it was back to normal temp with the gauge a little above cold. What could that be? I'm scared to drive it. Don't know if I should repair it and that's what I have to look forward to from now on or should I buy a new car. Additionally, my break light bulbs have been replaced by BMW repair but still don't work properly. I was told to replaice the entire bulb panel but from other reports I find that it could be the brake light switch locted under the steering wheele. Speaking of which, what is the flap that comes down under the left side of the steering wheel. I only noticed it today. It was opened and I simply just snapped it back closed but looked like it was something that should have been connected. Could this have been something to cause overheating?
I love this car. This is my second BMW. My first was a 1974 Bavaria. That is where my love affair with the inline six started. I have an e36 with a manual trans that I purchased in January of 2010 I have put 10k on it since then. I bought the car when it was in need of a wiper control module, on board computer, drive shaft and flex disc, front brakes, tires and a wheel alignment. Knowing where to buy parts really helped keep my total bill including purchase under 4500. I have a few interior problems that are all cosmetic and just two days ago one of the seat motors in the driver's seat went out. I also had some very broken wires in the trunk lid harness that took me a couple of months to finally fix (me being lazy...whole repair process took less than 1 hour). All in all my car is in very good shape for a teenager. I am a mother with one of my children in a car seat... no tether system and the rear center belt is a PAIN to tighten. That would be the one draw back. Fuel economy is hovering at 29 mpg, power is there to be had, drives like she is on rails. I have a couple of minor problems like the oil pan is seeping (no drips) and the front strut mounts are still cracked, but those will get done in time. One piece of advice if you are considering this car. Keep up on the inspections and maintenance. They are pricey. You can save some money if you are mechanicly inclined, but do not attempt anything other than minor repairs with a Haynes manual. They do not share some of the nuances and tricks that are required to succesfully repair your bimmer. I hope you enjoy driving yours as much as I LOVE driving mine!!
I got a tune up on my 1997 bmw 328i recently, and now the check/maintence light comes on? What could be the cause?
--Replaced both rear window regulators @ 35K Passenger side front is showing signs of failure at 65K.
--Window fogging problem @ 25K, never resolved.
--Seal went bad in power steering unit @ 60K
-- Stalling problem when cold, & erratic idle when cold @25K, never resolved. Two Dealer Service Departments could not locate source of problem
-- All indicator lights on console shifter went on @ 50K. Dealer discouraged repair, was told to refer to shift position on dash.
--Poor reception at AM dial on radio since 25K
--- Heater has always been erratic, whether on Auto or Manual setting. No relationship
between temperature setting and the air temperature from the heater.
-- The usual sensor problems; Camshaft Position (Intake) @50K
-- Air Bag activation sensor went bad at 55K. Repaired at dealer and went bad again a few hundred miles later.
--Dash clock mechanism quit working at 45K
--Body side moldings popped off at about 55K
--Lost lower rear bumper molding while driving through moderately flooded section of roadway at 60K. Molding attachment not well-designed.
--Bad design and location for grills on hood. Plastic clips snapped-off on both by 65K and both grills had to replaced.
-- Air Conditioning unit had to be re-charged at 25K.
--Plastic Shifter knob showed cracks at 30K
Generally, anything related to the computer on this unit has been a problem from
the start. The 6cyl engine is a tight a fit and in general, not a pleasant car to repair.
Drive line broke then lower control arms had to be replaced... Rear window motor went out & window slips down a little while driving. Reverse works when it wants, tranny a lil sluggish (rpm goes up high when auto shift). Definitely transmission issues (outsourced to gm) check the recall avoided by BMW!!! love the look of the car, not very comfortable though.
I have never regretted purchasing this vehicle in 2005. Since owning the car, I have not had to do anything major except routine oil services and one inspection due to low miles put on car. I have owned four BMW's now and this car is a winner! You can't beat the handling, fuel economy and luxury in a sports car such as this one.
BMW is one of few brands to offer a manual transmission station wagon. And I'm love of the wagon. So when I sold my 2003 525i MT wagon the 2009 328 was a logical next car.
my passenger seat motor when out and i think my front axe is bent but its still handles nice and the acceration is UNBELIEVEABLE
I love my BMW, No problems till 98,000 miles. Had to replace Antifreeze overflow tank, then power steering pump. Replaced both front lower control arm bushings. I had to replace the valve cover gasket as well. I had to replace the final stage transistor a couple of months later. Can't survive without air conditioning. I need to have all the weather stripping replaced around windshield and along the hood and grill area. It is crumbling. All in all other than regular oil changes and new tires, I think I have got my moneys worth. The exterior of my car still looks great(even new). If i ever have to replace it, I will replace it with another BMW!!
Great classic BMW. Smooth inline 6 cylinder engine with plenty of power to keep up with the new cars. Great steering and handling. I have the convertible with 160k+ miles and have no problems. Original top is still going strong. Back plastic window is cloudy due to age so I wish it had a glass rear window. Trip computer is pretty good for 1997 vintage. I just had the beak pads changed and the price was not bad. $350.
great car
Defect in Transmission stops going in Reverse, requires a rebuild, check out for details. Crappy body integrity

do think otherwise the engine will drive with a sport feel for 200k miles and its a great body style, classic look
Overall a great vehicle but like most others once it has even the slightest bit of damage, either body or engine, it is never the same even after extensive repairs. It also develops a very annoying issue with the heating and coolin system