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BMW 323i (12 Reviews)
Hi all. Bought my first 2000 BMW 323i w/ the sports package back in November. Great car for a 3 series. After doing a ton of research on them, I found repairs can get costly.
I bought a brand new cooling system over hull kit for under $500. Comes with everything you need.
Upgraded brakes. Bought stainless steel braided brake line hoses and loaded calipers.
Cost around $1000
Wheel bearing, so far only one. Getting the kit from the dealership is the best thing to do. Under $80 and comes w/ everything needed to do a proper replacement.
Window regulator. Common part to go w/o earning. Cost around $115.
I upgraded the air filter to a K&N to help get better fuel economy. Cost around $45
The car is fun, but I feel the steering is over sensitive. Having the sports package is nice, but expect certain parts to average anywhere from 2 - 4x more then the base package. Over all, looking forward to getting a 5 series or M series next.
I drive a bmw323i but has recently replaced the engine with a 325i. die crank sensors are differant located. we bought a new crank sensor that works from the front pulley on the 325i. we started the engine but it has n missfire. we can ref the car up till 2000 rpm but more that that, the engine starts to stall. could the wiring of this sensor be differant that the old sensor and now gives the wrong signal.
Hi Everyone,

I purchased a 2000 323i really nice car(White Exterior). I've had a few problems that cost me a pretty penny. I have a problem with starting it. I turned the key and it just keep turning over and after waiting a few seconds I try to start again and it works after that. Can anyone tell me what could possibly be going on. I also have a problem with leaking when it rains the seal on the passenger side back door has a small tear that allows rain to come in and wet my carpet, each time it rains I have to vacuum out the water and spray air freshener. I have a problem with the sunroof it sometimes get stuck. Do you think BMW will send me a new car LOL.
I've owned this 1999 BMW 323i, automatic, 4 door for 2 years. I've have nothing but trouble with it. Major leaks fixed, cooling fan replaced, 2nd cooling fan replaced, starter, waterpump, air intake system replaced, thermastat, 2 batteries, brake pads, radiator fixed, overheating problems fixed, batteries for my one remote, reprograming problems, had everyhing working perfectly, now I can't start it, checked the fuses, reprogrammed the key, sometimes the trunk and doors opened, then not, got to the point where my wife and I couldn't get out of the car, because it wouldn't unlock. Crawled through the windows, now I learn I might have to get a new module 5 high for $$$$$. Is there anything BMW did right with their engineering? Without the computer working right, this thing is a death trap. And it's fickle. Works, then it doesn't work. I just started it 2 weeks ago, now I can't. Seriously, I'm not joking, what is the best way to blow this thing up and have it sing happy, happy, thoughts in the scrap yard forever? I am at my wits end! Driving time after each repair is about 20 miles or 20 minutes, whichever comes first. Thanks in advance.
Great car but expensive to maintain, something minor is always going wrong with these cars. To answer question about lights, always look for corrosion on the contacts where the bulb holder screws into the light assembly. Fine sand paper or contact cleaner usually clears up the problem.
I have a 1999 BMW 323i. I recently found out the reverse light on my passenger side is out. I replaced the bulb and it still would not come back on. I then, checked the fuse box and found the fuse for the reverse light is in good condition. Has anyone had this problem or know how to fix it?
Best Car Ever!
I'm the third owner. Has 89000 miles now. The convertible top is crappy...probably have to replace it...goes up and down manually and is beginning to deteriorate...had to fix the a/c and now needs a transmission mount with disc's. Oh yes, 4 new tires. Otherwise...I LOVE IT! It holds the road nicely, shifts beautifully, I think it handles just the way I would expect it to. I've got to be careful over the road bumps but boy, am I ever having fun with it!
Just a Excellent car, with a very week Cooling System, be careful with the expansion tank, hoses and bele tensioners, this is not a TOYOTA or a HONDA that they last forever
I love this one too!
Engine performs well while maintaining excellent fuel effeciency. 28-30MPG on the highway! Good acceleration. Five-speed automatic transmission is responsive to the demands of the engine, but the gap between 3rd and 4th gear is a bit too wide. RPM's drop from 5000 to about 3000 and cause a slight drop in the rate of acceleration. Not a big concern. Excellent braking and handling and this from a car that is not even equipped with either Sport Package or Premium Package. Steering has just enough assist and maintains a feel for the road. Quiet, solid, smooth ride.

Most of the the common problems listed on this site have occurred with my car, e.i. expansion tank, head cover gasket, water pump, power steering hoses, blower final stage resistor and control arm bushings. Parts were not too expensive, but I did the repairs myself. Labor would have made these repairs expensive. Driveline is noisy and occasional vibration. This may be caused by the flex disk, in my opinion, but has not been checked.

Interior design is the best BMW has ever done. Dash flows and everything just seems to be where it belongs. Beautiful wood trim in all the right places. Seats are comfotable and supportive for long drives but maybe a bit too firm for some. Back seat typical for a small car; not too comfortable for adults, but not too bad.

Sunroof would not close but this was caused by the sunroof track becoming dry. It had to be cleaned and lubricated to restore proper operation. All four window regulators have been replaced. Again, I did the repairs myself with genuine BMW parts, but labor would have made these repairs expensive.

Overall, a great car. Performance, effeciency, looks, quality, style... It's got it all!