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BMW 318ti (11 Reviews)
my clutch went on the car and the engine wont start why is that
Car runs good but runs hot. Was told it was the radiator, don't know. Any suggestions ?
I bought "Trixie", a Alpine White 318ti Sport, in 1996. She was the perfect car - fun, economical, and reliable. I sold her to a friend in 1999 when I decided to pay off all my bills before getting married. I received a call from the same friend 12 years later, asking if I was interested in buying her back for $700. I expected a battered wreck at that price. Instead she turned out to be in mint shape, inside and out. All she needs is a new clutch and some touch-up paint on a few rock chips. Most people can't believe she's fifteen years old already. I think the 4-cylinder BMWs are really under-rated.
I bought my 97 BMW ti with 70.000 miles on the clock.I had one serious incidence that cost me $700 at a dealership.Had i had my mechanic look at it it would have been maybe a $100.This car runs great.The hatchback makes it possible to move an amazing amount of stuff you could not do with a 5 series BMW.She takes premium but gives me 26 in the city and 31 on the high way so I have no complaints.Every car i rented since i had her (because she wasn't in the same town) couldn't hold a candle to her.No car in her class comes close.Not in handling,looks,and features.She is 14 years old and ahead of the pack except in one area.She is a bit loud.But go girl i say.You the best.That;s why they have a website just about you.I wouldn't trade her except for a an x3 wagon.But that would bring expense i dont need.
I bought this car after an exspensive divorce.....very good lookijng and reliable!
I have one and I think its my best choice
I have several vehicals (5) which I keep for various purposes. The 318ti doesn't quite have a niche that I ca define, but I can't get rid of it. It asks so little of me and returns so much.
I bought this car with 161,000 thousand miles, had the window reg replaced the car runs, feels and handles like new. With 190,000 I am just replacing valve cover gasket and spark plugs...thats after driving over 90 miles an our daily for 1 1/2 years and driving very aggresive.
great car. cheap to run :)
The 318ti was a throwback to the early basic BMW. Simplicity, light, tossable, fun driver.
Great on Gas, Great For parking