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BMW 318is (8 Reviews)
Love my car, getting close to the 275,000 mile mark. Still runs tightly, and gets over 30 mpg. I did have to replace the original catalytic converter last year to pass emissions, but it running well.
Dependable but you need to keep up the front control arms and rotors.
actually i have a question and cant get an answer with out paying a web sight and i dont have the money to do that my car wont start and i wanted to know how to by pass the securiety box can anyone help me my number is 541 852 8442 or e mail me at please thanks all
I own a bmw318is ,automatic transmission, error light goes on when increasing revs ,even in stationary condition ,then transmission goes in protection mode (3 rd gear)
Could any person help me to identify the problem ?

I already changed the filter and filled transmission with dexrion III oil ,but no result.

Many thanks on forehand

Jean ,brasil, rio de janeiro
Car handles great with alot of control. Can be pretty fast when it is needed while still getting 20-25 MPG. Great car to cruz around in. 1995 BMW 318is 5 speed manual
One of BMW's best! This models M44 motor is a much better driving motor then the previous M42, both of which were pretty much bullet with little maintenance. The M44 has a broader power band and is smoother! Slightly more efficient too! And the delightful handling of the E36 creates one of the best packages BMW has ever made. The '96-'99 318is are the better model and well worth the extra $!!
A truly amazing car! Imagine true sports car handling, luxury comfort, relatively quiet......Thinking $50K? How about $5K and 28 mpg! With the BMW badge!!! My '97 318is has all that and so many aftermarket stuff to choose from! Minor mods make it faster, but costs more in gas. Still have mine and it's one of my favorites to drive in traffic or the mountain twisties! If you find one...GRAB IT!