Everything You've Ever Wondered About Car Window Tint

July 18, 2017

Getting your car windows tinted this summer can do a lot to keep the sun's glare and heat at bay. The tint can also provide a sleek, mysterious look from the outside while blocking out harmful UV rays that fade your interior.

Many people are unsure about the process of getting your windows tinted, and the best method to do so. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about window tinting to help you understand and care for your car's window tint.

Are There Window Tint Laws In My State?

Before doing anything involving the tinting of your windows, you should find out the car tinting regulations in your state. Many states have particular regulations on tinting windows, and they can vary from place to place. One of these includes the degree of darkness your windows can be.

Some states, such as California, do not permit exceedingly dark front windows, as it makes it difficult for law enforcement to identify the individual in the car. To find out about the window tint regulations in your state, do some online searching or call local car tint installer.

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How to Tint My Car Windows

While it's technically possible for you to tint your own car windows, it is best to find a local window tinting expert to do it for you, as many things can go wrong if you do it yourself. Aside from the basic quality, DIY tinting can hold strange coloring or begin to peel off. A simple online search can locate you to a local professional that can appropriately tint your window. 

What Should I Do To Allow The Window Tint To Fully Cure?

Window tint usually requires a day or two to properly dry out and adhere to the glass surface, eliminating any hazy appearance. To help the tint cure properly, leave your car out in the sun and keep the windows rolled up to prevent peeling out the uncured tint as you roll down the windows. Remember not to wash or wipe the windows before the tint cures properly.

Low-quality tint can form bubbles or peel off in the summer heat, so insist on high-quality tint material with a high-temperature adhesive system.

How Can I Protect The Window Tint From Damage?

Typically, high-quality window tint material is designed to resist minor scratching caused by everyday use. However, items with sharp edges can easily tear through the tint, so be extra careful when loading or unloading thing into your car. Keep an extra close eye on little ones who may scratch into the back windows. You should also prevent your seat belt from slinging over and hitting the windows while unfastening it, as it can chip or scratch the window tint and necessitate a fix. 

Dirt and debris on the tint's surface can cause disastrous scratching as you roll your windows down, so be sure to wipe your windows regularly with a dry, soft cloth. When washing the windows, avoid using ammonia-based glass cleaners that can cause the tint to peel and use household detergent instead.

How To Properly Clean Tinted Windows 

Cleaning a tinted window isn't complicated but you must be careful, as the tint can be easily scratched or damaged. One technique to clean your tinted windows is to clean it with natural products, nothing with any harsh chemicals that may harm the window. Using water and a soft cloth or sponge are perfect for a nice clean that you can do often.

If the window is quite dirty and in need of a deeper clean, you can use dishwashing soap and warm water, but we recommend not doing this too often. Make sure to try and wash your windows regularly to avoid possible damage from a deeper clean.

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By , July 28, 2017
Wanted to tint my windows, this really helped with me figuring everything out and what exactly what to do for my car. Thanks for writing it!