Did You Know Washing Your Car Is Good For It?

By Guest Author, June 7, 2017

Everyone knows that regular maintenance is an important safety decision for your daily driver, but most don’t consider that regularly washing your car can be just as important! 

In some ways, this is obvious. Mirrors and windows, for example, can’t properly function for the driver when covered by road dust and mud; however, what you may not know are the long-term consequences of a terminally dirty car.

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Surface Damage From Not Washing Your Car

Forgetting to wash your car can damage the paint job, even with a clear coat. Consider dirt particles on your car – the first layer sticks through ambient moisture and creates a thin film of grime over your clear coat. 

Additional particles hit the first ones forcefully and repeatedly so that the same original particles are hit over and over again until they create micro-scratches in the clear coat. As the scratches get bigger, your clear coat is compromised and the paint becomes exposed to damage. If your car is subject to rust, built up grime can hold moisture and encourage growing patches of rust and corrosion.

Does bird poop ruin car paint?

Along with the surface damage that dirt and grime and cause when they go unnoticed, another plague on the surface of your vehicle is bird excrement.

Why does bird poop damage paint?

Bird droppings contain uric acid, a corrosive material that can do some serious damage to not only the clear coat, but the paint itself. When you notice bird droppings on your vehicle, it's important to immediately rinse them off in a "spot-clean" or fully wash your car, ensuring the acid does not eat through your paint.

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Why Are My Headlights Dimmer?

If you've noticed your headlights aren't shining quite like they used to, a possible culprit is dirt. A thick layer of exterior grime can actually hinder your ability to drive properly on the road. While you have probably been keeping your windshield, mirrors, and windows clear and feel perfectly safe driving, you may not have noticed the slow, progressive dimming of your headlights. 

Just like a color filter on a theater light dims its brightness, so does the dirt on your car. Headlight illumination and spread have been proven to increase your diving safety, so if your lights are dirty, you are driving in less than optimally safe conditions. There’s no need to take unnecessary risks, so keep your headlights, blinkers, tail lights and break lights clean.

Can The Police Pull Me Over For Having A Dirty Car?

If you haven’t washed your car in a while, you’re probably not thinking about the peripherals, but the cops are. If for instance, your license plate is obscured, you may quickly see those red and blue lights in your rearview. Highway police who are on the lookout for unsafe and damaged cars may also pull you over, mistaking dirt for disrepair.

The next time the gas pump computer suggests a car wash, considering taking it up on the offer. Every wash can help you drive more safely, save your paint job, and avoid unnecessary encounters with concerned local traffic cops.

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