Your Solution For Combating A Hot, Hot, Hot Car This Summer

By Oliver Weiss, July 5, 2017

In the midst of summer, we are welcomed with warmer weather and much more sunshine. But with this great weather comes one of the more bothersome issues drivers are faced with: the ‘“Summer” car. The “Summer” car is when your vehicle has been sitting in the direct path of the sun for an extended period of time, causing the interior of the car to increase in temperature drastically. For all drivers, this can make the car an uncomfortable place, and can even result in lasting interior damage, such as a warped dash or faded cloth. Luckily, there are a few precautions you can take to protect your vehicle and reduce the effect of the dreaded “Summer” car.

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Go for shade

There are various options you can undertake to combat the effects of the hot weather on your vehicle with some being more obvious than others. One step for when your car is parked for a period of time is to try to find a shady spot. Circling the parking lot a couple times, or even parking a larger distance from your destination, can help save your interior in the long run, along with giving you some appreciated exercise!

Can't find any shady spots? Using sunshades on the windshield or windows, or placing blankets on the seats of the car, are both great options in any circumstance. Doing this will allow the materials to reflect or absorb the sun's heat, leaving your car much cooler. After you're finished using them, you can store the shades or blankets in the trunk. 

Lastly, invest in tinted windows to help reduce heat in the interior of the vehicle. The best part? They never stop working.

Water can help

In need of another hot car hack? Try wiping down the steering wheel and seat belt clasp with a damp cloth when you enter a hot car. The water will evaporate quickly because of the high heat, leaving those parts a bit cooler to the touch. Keep your window slightly cracked open when its parked can help keep the heat down. Even the smallest amount of ventilation can go a long way to making your car less hot when you get back in it.

A/C + Windows

Even if you forgot the tips above and are now stuck, sweating in a hot car, there are methods you can take to make your car cooler while you are already driving. Rolling down the windows and turning on the AC simultaneously can cool down your vehicle quicker. 

Don't forget about the engine!

Your car needs to stay cool too! Check under the hood and ensure your coolant in your car is full, or nearly there. That can help reduce the temperature emitted by your engine, helping to cool the car altogether. 

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By , July 28, 2017
Hot cars are one of my least favorite things, definitely going to try some of these solutions out!