Volkswagen Recalls Ignition Coils

January 8, 2010

Here at RepairPal, we have heard several VW owners complain of Check Engine Lights with a misfiring engine, rough idle and poor acceleration. Well VW has sent out letters to many, if not all VW owners to notify them of a recall on the ignition coils.

From the Volkswagen Website:

Volkswagen is conducting this service program to inspect and, if necessary, replace ignition coils installed in some 2001 – 2007 model year vehicles.

The key points of the program are:

  • When your Volkswagen Dealer has sufficient parts in stock, Volkswagen will notify you via First-Class mail
  • Your authorized Volkswagen Dealer will repair your vehicle for this condition at no cost to you
  • If you have paid to have ignition coils replaced in your Volkswagen prior to this program, you may be eligible for reimbursement. 

To find out if this recall applies to your vehicle, or if you have any questions, please contact a local VW Dealer near you: VW Dealerships

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By , February 12, 2014
Add the 2008 VW Passat Wagon to the list. I've had this happen twice in the last month.
By , July 28, 2014
Already have first Ignition coil replaced on 2011 GTI with only 38000 miles.
By , December 17, 2015
2003 Jetta GLI ignition coil went out yesterday. I would hope the repair would be covered by a recall!
By , December 24, 2015
My 2012 volkswagon cc with low miles was just fixed almost exactly 2 months ago I had extended warranty got fixed and now coil problem again maybe a manufacturer recall needs to be done again how many other customers experiencing same issues
By , April 06, 2016
My 2010 VW CC felt like it was going to die on my, the shaking was so bad! I have an extended warranty but the dealership is telling me the coil is not covered despite this being a known problem in earlier years. Come on VW, I though I was buying a reliable car here.
By , May 10, 2016
I have a 2010 that they can add to their list also. I've had this done 3 times, and the last one was in January of this year and it's doing it again. No warranty will cover the coils, and I only have 57k on it. I'm really sick of this. I really love my car, but this is just to much. I need a reliable car.
By , June 22, 2017
2013 VW CC. Ignition coiled failed this morning on the freeway. Sudden lost of power. Engine misfiring. Engine & EPC lights came on. Had to get the car towed to a VW dealer. They confirmed it was the ignition coil. The repair was covered under the PZEV warranty (7 years or 100k miles).