Toyota Recalls Over 1.5 Million Cars Worldwide

By Natalie Josef - October 21st 2010

Today, the Toyota Corporation announced a recall of nearly 1.53 million vehicles due to brake fluid and fuel pump problems. The recall affects Lexus, Highlander, and Avalon models and includes 740,000 cars in the U.S. and 599,000 in Japan, with the rest coming from other markets in Europe and around the world.

While no accidents have been reported, the two defects included in today’s recall are still potential safety issues. The brake master cylinder could leak oil, which might illuminate the brake warning light, and lead to weaker braking power. Some models, mostly in Japan, have an electrical problem with the fuel pump that could cause engine stalling.

This is the second major recall in the past few months. In August, Toyota also recalled 1 million Corolla and Corolla Matrix vehicles due to stalling issues caused by defective electronic control modules. In the past year, Toyota has recalled more than 10 million cars and trucks for a variety of problems, including faulty gas pedals, floor mats that can trap accelerators, and braking issues.

Toyota spokesman Paul Nolasco said that the recall was issued by the company’s new quality control regime, which was created recently in response to criticism that Toyota has been slow in responding to problems. In fact, Toyota was slapped with a $16.4 million fine by American regulators for failing to tell the government about defects and problems. Analysts are hopeful that Toyota is trying to be more transparent and forthcoming about potential safety issues.

In November, Toyota will start notifying owners of the affected vehicles by mail and the repairs will be offered at no cost to the consumer.

For more information, check out or or call the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 1-800-331-4331 or Lexus Customer Satisfaction at 1-800-255-3987.


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