Setting Up A Shop Appointment

February 13, 2009

This is the second in a series of blog posts that our Honda expert, Robert Isbell, is writing for RepairPal. Robert has worked at Honda dealerships for over 22 years as a technician, shop foreman and service manager. He has developed and led new owner clinics that educate new owners about their cars and he will be contributing to our blog to educate our visitors about the methods for getting the most out of your service experience.

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                    What you should know when calling for an appointment

So now you have done your homework and you know what service or repair your vehicle needs and you found a place that has a good reputation for auto service and repair. Now it’s time to make the call.

Before you pick up the phone though, here are some things to consider:
1.    Are you leaving the car there or waiting for it?
2.    Are you planning on using their shuttle service?
3.    Is the service/repair covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, or will you have to pay for it?
4.    Do you have any type of extended warranty or service contract?

Have an idea if you are going to leave the vehicle or try to wait for it. If your going to wait for it ask how long the estimated time is and allow a bit more time just in case. If you plan on using a shuttle service, ask about any limitations. Know the service department hours so you don’t get there when they are closed. Ask the price of the service or repair and the name of the person that gave you the quote. Also ask about any specials that may be running that can be applied to your service/repair. If it’s a service or repair covered under the manufacturers warranty take the time to talk to the service person about it to see if it’s a covered. If it’s the first time going to this service department ask for the address and for any landmarks or anything special that identifies the location.

So now you are equipped with a price, a time frame, shop hours, shop location and are ready to take your vehicle in.

Next, dropping your vehicle off at the service department.


About the Author

Robert Isbell is an automotive expert at RepairPal, the leading online source of auto repair resources and estimates. With many ASE Master certified mechanics on staff who have decades of experience, RepairPal knows all the fine points of car repair.

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