Save Money and the Environment: Check Your Number!

Cory Langner
December 16, 2011

I recently came across a very interesting article that stated that California is preparing a campaign to encourage motorists to wait longer than the “recommended 3000 mile” oil change.

If you recall the other week, one our fellow bloggers discussed this very topic. He explained how the 3000-mile recommendation, in today’s standards, is just a number and not what your car actually needs. With the inception of more efficient generic oils as well as the high quality synthetics now on the market, the interval between changes has significantly increased.

The California campaign is entitled, “Check Your Number,” which is designed to push drivers to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. I own an Audi A3 and the recommended oil change service interval is 10,000 miles. However, my car has a turbocharger and thus sucks up my oil reserves pretty quickly, and so the recommendation is to add oil every 3,000 miles. Because of this, I always keep a few extra quarts in my trunk, but I still follow the recommended 8,000–10,000 mile interval for outright changing my oil.

The beauty of this campaign, while it will probably upset quite a few “quick lube” places that thrive on the 3,000 mile oil change, not only will you as a consumer save more money from doubling (to sometimes tripling) the amount of time in between your oil changes, you’ll also be saving the world’s supply of oil. The proponents of the campaign are estimating it could save upwards of 10 million gallons of oil every year.

Just imagine what might happen if this campaign is successful and branches out nationally. The amount of oil saved nationally could make a huge impact on our environment!

So, the real question is … when are you going to get your next oil change?

Cory Langner

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By , December 24, 2011
I believed for years that changing oil has been a waste if done at 3000 mi intervals.Thats why I change my oil no more than 5000 mi.intervals,which still may be too soon.I am a retired auto and heavy truck mechanic!