New Cars That Will Last Over 200,000 Miles

Natalie Josef
December 27, 2010

It used to be that in America, you could buy a piece of furniture and it would last for one hundred years or a piece of clothing that would make it through more than one fashion season. Shoes would last for years and cars … well, what about cars?

I once knew someone who owned a 1990 Honda Civic Hatchback CRX. Every week, Monday through Friday, he would commute eighty miles a day in that car, mostly highway miles. He didn’t invest a lot of money in it, nor did he lovingly wash and wax it every weekend. It was simply his mode of transportation—and it lasted over 300,000 miles. How long does the “average” car last? Right around 150,000 miles.

In its latest reliability survey, Consumer Reports culled together a list of the most reliable new cars, from pickups to coupes, and while Honda and Toyota still dominate the list, other brands have made significant strides, some of which may surprise you.

For example, Ford’s Fusion Hybrid and Flex models received scores of “excellent” on their predicted reliability, which is the highest distinction possible. According to the data, they are expected to perform 53–60 percent better than their peers. In fact, the Fusion ranks higher than the Accord or the Camry, not a bad showing for an American brand that barely escaped bankruptcy only a few years ago.

Another surprising result is Porsche’s Boxster roadster, which came in as the most reliable sports car. That European reliability doesn’t apply across the board though—Mercedez-Benz, Audi, and BMW were listed among the least reliable vehicles, though the BMW M3 still makes high marks. The bottom of barrel included the Audi A6 3.0T and the Jaguar XF.

Here are the top five most reliable cars according to their segment.

Ford Fusion
Segment: Family sedan
Reliability Rating: Excellent
Predicted Reliability: 53 percent above average
MSRP: $28,240

Toyota Sienna
Segment: Minivan
Reliability Rating: Excellent
Predicted Reliability: 45 percent above average
MSRP: $24,460

Toyota Yaris
Segment: Compact
Reliability Rating: Excellent
Predicted Reliability: 65 percent above average
MSRP: $12,885

Porsche Boxster
Segment: Sports car
Reliability Rating: Excellent
Predicted Reliability: 85 percent above average
MSRP: $47,600

Acura RL
Segment: Luxury sedan
Reliability Rating: Excellent
Predicted Reliability: 53 percent above average
MSRP: $46,830


Natalie Josef

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