My Father-in-Law: The Mopar Man Part IV

Natalie Josef
February 8, 2012

Here is Part IV of my blog series on my father-in-law, Tom Fletcher. To see Part III, please click here >>

Tell Me About Your Work on the 1925 Dodge Touring Car.

I rejoined the Denver Roadster Club and needed an open car. We found a 1925 Dodge touring car in northern Colorado that is very complete and solid. I have always liked something out of the ordinary and this fits the bill.

I started gathering parts for it and got into its construction in earnest a year ago. I installed an early narrow Dart 7-1/4" rear end, and added disc brakes and a disc brake parking brake to the back. The front end I bought from Jim Meyer Racing in Oregon, which has rack and pinion steering, independent suspension, coilovers, and disc brakes.

I found a running Cosworth Vega motor and 4-speed, and replaced the fuel injection with Weber carbs. It has a Mallory dual point distributer, a Chrysler alternator, and a Ron Bement modified valve cover that states "Cosworth Dodge." It will be a real head scratcher for a lot of people to guess what the engine is. (Check out Ron Bement on YouTube, he has built Offy and Audurn flathead scale model engines that run!)

The Cosworth is unique in that Chevy put this motor in the Vega in 1975 and 76, built about 3,085 of them, and then stopped. Apparently, it didn't go over well with a price tag within $400 of the Corvette. It should have gotten 200hp from 122ci, but unleaded gas and other problems cut it short. It’s a fun little motor, an aluminum 4-cylinder—not many others like it.

Stripped dash board

Back seat

Original fender

Additional body parts


Disc brake






Painted and ready to go

Painted and ready to go

Natalie Josef

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