My Father-in-Law: The Mopar Man Part I

January 18, 2012

In December 2011, my partner, Sarah, and I went up to her father's place in Denver. Besides seeing snow for the first time in over a decade, I was also excited to see his garage where he works on classic cars. I had seen a few pictures Sarah had taken before, but I wanted to see it with my own eyes. Plus, I wanted to talk to Tom about how he got into working on cars and what his latest projects were.

Let me tell you—I was not disappointed. His three-room, two-story workspace would be the envy of any crafts- or trades-person. It was filled with antique car parts, memorabilia, tools of all kinds, and relics from my father-in-law's past. He had thought of everything, too—from the TV and heater to the dog bed on the floor where his Brittany spaniels could keep him company. Oh, and he built the entire garage, too.

Before I went up there, I had planned on blogging about my experience and showing lots of pictures, but after I went, I realized I would need a lot more than one blog to tell you everything. So, here's the first of a few blog posts about my father-in-law, Tom Fletcher. In this blog, I wanted to show a few pictures of his work areas. In the subsequent blog posts, I will show you the cars he has been working on.

The garage he built with a Roadsters sign

Antique brake lights, among other things

Battery charger

Antique headlights

Need a wrench?

Antique "stop" brake light

Tom, me, and Aden, my nephew, Tom's grandchild (he loves cars!)

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