Love Your Car

By Dale Bertram, February 10, 2012

We spend a lot of time in our cars. When customers bring in their cars for service, they always want to know how long we need to repair it because they need it back. In the U.S., 92 percent of us say we just don’t want our cars … we need our cars!

Judging from the amount of clothing, fast food bags and wrappers, calculators, laptops, notebooks, pens, recharging devices, sports equipment, books, and other items we haul around in our vehicles, it’s obvious we depend on our cars to be our home away from home. We carry everything in our cars (or so it seems) but the kitchen sink and I’ve seen one of those in a car, too!

This Valentine’s Day, let’s not forget about how much we depend on our vehicles. Here are few things you can do to show your car a little love:

  • Remove trash and don’t forget to recycle
  • Vacuum the floors (don’t forget the trunk)
  • Clean the upholstery, console, dashboard, and all other inside surfaces
  • Wash the windows inside and out
  • Wash the exterior and don’t forget the wax
  • Make sure it is up to date on all its services
  • Check those wiper blades; if they need to be replaced, replace them. You need them to work properly and you don’t want them to scratch the window glass.

While you are cleaning your vehicle, don’t forget to lighten its load. We burn 2 percent more fuel for every 100 pounds of extra weight we carry in our vehicles. Do you really need four spare tires in your car? Do you need three jacks? How about that heavy tool box? When you are finished with the luggage rack on top, take it down until you need it again. Wind resistance uses more fuel, too.

It is easy to take our cars for granted. This Valentine’s Day, take time to show yours a little love.

Happy Motoring!

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