How to Prepare for That Labor Day Road Trip

August 30, 2018

Wherever you're headed this Labor Day, your road trip is part of the vacation and you should enjoy it. Here are some tips to make your trip one to remember.

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1. Make a loose plan

You don't need to map out every bathroom break — there are some things you can't really plan. However, it's good to know approximately when you'll need to stop for gas and good options for when you're ready to eat.

Be sure to also plan out driving schedules among drivers. Knowing who is planning to drive and for how long can make a road trip fly by. Aside from mapping out drivers, some of the best trips are ones that are improvised. Don't stress, just hit the road!

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2. Maintenance check 

Nothing ruins a road trip faster than car trouble. Avoid an unnecessary disaster by visiting a RepairPal Certified shop ahead of time and getting everything checked out. Get your tire pressure checked, fluids topped off, and make sure everything is in order for your journey.

Also, make sure you have a fully inflated spare tire — you never know when you'll need it.

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3. Good music

One key to a special road trip is a great soundtrack. The music sets the mood for the trip, so make sure to pick fun music that everyone will enjoy. Spend a couple days before the trip making a playlist the whole group will enjoy. You can use Spotify or other apps for some inspiration. 

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4. Car games 

A good way to keep everyone entertained is with car games. Pull out the classics by finding out-of-state license plates, playing word associates and finding the ABCs on road signs. Fun, traditional games like 20 Questions and I Spy are always guaranteed to bring a laugh. 

And those car games aren’t just for the kiddos. Check out Buzzfeed’s list of car games that even adults will enjoy.

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5. Enjoy the last weeks of summer 

Summer is on its way out. With the season coming to end soon, make sure to take advantage of the sunshine, great views and good weather by going to visit a fun and warm place. Heading to the beach or visiting a national park is always fun and can make for some great pictures too. If you're struggling with an idea on where to go, you can always use websites like Pinterest for some road trip inspiration.

Most of all, enjoy your trip and have a great time this Labor Day!

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