How To Find a Repair Shop

February 5, 2009

This is the first in a series of blog posts that our Honda expert, Robert Isbell, will be writing for RepairPal. Robert has worked at Honda dealerships for over 22 years as a technician, shop foreman and service manager. He has developed and led new owner clinics that educate new owners about their cars and he will be contributing to our blog to educate our visitors about the methods for getting the most out of your service experience.




What you should do before you make your first service appointment

When you’re purchasing your new car, or even a used one, the issue furthest from most people’s minds is servicing it. The fact is that proper servicing is vital to keeping it reliable and in good running order for the life of the vehicle.

The first thing is knowing when to have your vehicle serviced. The best source for that information is your vehicles owners manual. The manual will provide the service intervals for both normal and severe driving conditions, and an explanation of what severe driving conditions are. Some vehicles have “maintenance reminders” built into them that will flash some type of message on the dash to let you know that a service is due, and the more sophisticated units will tell you exactly what the car needs usually with a number or letter type of code. These codes should be in your owner’s manual.

Once you know what service your car/truck needs then you need to pick the place that you want your vehicle serviced. You should go to a place that you can trust for the life of the vehicle, and a place that you can build a relationship with. Once that decision is made log onto their web site to see if there are any coupons or special discounts for services. Also see if their web site offers any other amenities such as a shuttle service, loaner cars, rentals or even a play area for children.


The next step: Making the appointment.

About the Author

Robert Isbell is an automotive expert at RepairPal, the leading online source of auto repair resources and estimates. With many ASE Master certified mechanics on staff who have decades of experience, RepairPal knows all the fine points of car repair.

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