GM Announcement: More Bad News

By Andy Y - November 7th 2008

It's all over the Internet this morning: General Motors had another astoundingly bad quarter and continues to hemorrhage cash.

You can read about it in Autoblog or in the New York Times.

The immediate implications that we picked up on were the news that GM is now upping the percentage of its workforce to be laid off, from 20% to 30%.  How many jobs is this?  A lot.  The other big news that we at RepairPal have been watching closely is that the Chrysler merger talks have been ceased by GM.  That potential merger had major product implications that would have a big impact on maintenance and repair in the future, so we considered it big news.

Lastly, no delays have been announced for the Chevy Volt.  The promise of that car remains a big story for the industry, both for new car sales at GM, but also for repair and maintenance.  It'll be the first mass-market car with that specific battery and powertrain technology, so we're watching it very closely.

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