European Cars to Be Gas- and Diesel-Free by 2030

Audra Fordin
February 6, 2012

Everyone understands that cars need to get greener. They are already a lot greener than they have been in the past, but more green is on the way.

By 2030, all petrol and Diesel cars will be banned from European cities. Personally, I don’t think it’s ever a good thing when the government tells the people what to do. But having the taxpayers pay for this incentive without letting them vote on it?

The reason they are doing this is carbon reduction. They want absolutely zero emissions. The idea is that by 2030, vehicles with emissions will be prohibited in cities. Vehicles may only be powered by hydrogen or electricity. By 2050, all vehicles, all over Europe, must be free from emissions.

Imagine if Diesel and combustion engines in America were a thing of the past. Gas stations would go out of business! Charging stations will emerge! Adjustments for battery recycling, hydrogen fuel, and charging stations will be the new business to get into.

If this works, time will tell. I think it is going to be very interesting to see where the exchange of cost is really going to be. Zero emissions coming from cars, I get. But what will be the cost of such a huge surge in electricity needs? Remember, coal is used to make electricity, so technically, that is producing emissions. So even if our cars would be emissions free, emissions would still be produced.

Either way, it’s going to cost us. But if our government had no need to procure oil and gasoline from the rest of the world (and go to war over it), our world will be a better place.

Audra Fordin

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Audra Fordin is the owner and operator of Great Bear Auto Repair in Flushing, New York, which specializes in foreign, domestic and hybrid vehicles.

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By , February 22, 2012
I wonder if that will catch on to other countries? You'd think in areas like China that have heavily dense smog, this rule would be set motion sooner or later.
By , November 29, 2013
Very good news for gas car.