New Teen Drivers: How To Avoid Distracted Driving

August 10, 2017

Teens have to face a lot of challenges when they get behind the wheel. The world of driving is new, fresh, and more than a little scary. Fortunately, it can be conquered through patience and practice. 

One of the biggest road blocks teens need to deal with is distracted driving. Because when you're at the helm, your focus needs to be on the road in front of you, behind you, and around you.

distracted driving

So how can teens avoid distracted driving? Well first of all...

Get Your Cell Phone Out Of Your Hands

Cell phones are a huge part of our lives. While there's no denying the usefulness of these devices, they are a serious distraction for drivers. In order to avoid the temptation, a teen should take their phone, and put it into a place they can ignore it. Under the console, or in the glove box, are good places. 

Driving should be like going to the movies; whatever your phone has to say will wait. If you absolutely must check messages or make a call, pull over your car to do it.

But Embrace The Technology

While it seems to go against the first piece of advice, technology can actually reduce our distraction in little ways. For instance, the simple act of putting radio controls on the steering wheel means you can flip the station, or change the volume, without ever taking your hands off the wheel. 

Bluetooth devices let you pipe music directly from your phone keeping your hands on the wheel and off the radio dial. If there's a more efficient way to do something, and it stops you from glancing away from the road, don't be afraid to use that tool.

Keep Things Quiet

While you don't have to drive in total silence, it's a good idea to avoid any kind of major distraction. Don't play that song you constantly get lost in, for instance, because you might be so stuck on the chorus that you miss a red light. 

Don't get into a heated discussion of your favorite team with your friend when you're trying to navigate rush hour traffic. Keep things light, and make sure it's background noise that you can easily tune-out in order to keep your focus where it belongs.

Put Your Lipstick On At Home

Did you know that grooming is one of the top causes of distracted driving among young people? Trying to brush and perfect your 'do or finish your make up in the driver's seat is a big no. Not only does this require to take your eyes off the road for extended periods of time, it also has your hands off the wheel too! How are you even driving?! Keep the grooming at home or when you're safely parked at your destination.

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