Celebrating a New Offer and a New Look

Andy Y
November 12, 2013

It’s been busy around here at RepairPal HQ and we are excited that we can finally share what we’ve been up to. We are unveiling not one, but two, new projects today!

First, RepairPal is proud to announce a program for The American Association of Retired Persons’ (AARP) 37 million members, giving members a 10% discount, up to $50, off services and repairs at participating RepairPal Certified shops. As the number one auto repair website and top source for finding the best auto repair shops in the U.S., RepairPal has become the first preferred AARP Lifestyle and Member Advantages provider exclusively focused on auto repair and services. The new partnership gives AARP members the invaluable combination of high quality work at fair prices from independently certified and trusted repair shops.

Are you an AARP member? Take advantage of the offer.

RepairPal is honored to work with an organization with a reputation for consumer advocacy as strong as AARP’s, and to have this opportunity to offer savings and expert advice to so many car owners. Because this offer is so well aligned with our brand values, we can’t think of a more appropriate backdrop for announcing our second new initiative, a branding exercise RepairPal completed over a period of more than six months. During this process, the RepairPal team discussed our company’s mission and clarified the benefits we want our brand to stand for with consumers like you. The culmination of this exercise was the decision to change the name of our network of auto repair shops and service centers from “Top Shops” to, drum roll please, RepairPal Certified shops. We made this change in order to better reflect the rigorous evaluation RepairPal completes each and every automotive shop in the RepairPal network. RepairPal is also rolling out a new company logo and RepairPal Certified shop badge to visually support our network’s new name.

Introducing the new RepairPal logo:


Introducing the RepairPal Certified shop badge:

We hope you like our new logo, and we look forward to connecting you with great RepairPal Certified shops and to providing you with more great deals such as the 10% AAPR member discount.

Until then, drive happy!

Andy Y

About the Author

Andy Y is an automotive expert at RepairPal, the leading online source of auto repair resources and estimates. With many ASE Master certified mechanics on staff who have decades of experience, RepairPal knows all the fine points of car repair.

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By , April 18, 2014
Yhis is a great site. I am female and know nothing about car's. It is nearly impossible to find a reliable mechanic. Both my brother's are great mechanic's but they live 1400 mile's away. You have none in my area (08234) but hopefully soon. I will share this site with my FaceBook friends. I wish you the best of luck with this site.