California Sues Over Auto Repair Fraud

July 8, 2009

A news story broke in California last week that Jerry Brown, California's Attorney General, and district attorneys in two counties are filing suit against the owner of 22 Midas repair shops, accusing him of defrauding his customers by luring them into shops with cheap brake job specials and then aggressively selling them services.  The suit apparently alleges that these additional services were not needed, and the claims in the suit are $222 million!!

We hate hearing about this sort of incident because of the damage it does to the reputation of honest players in auto repair and also how it adds to the angst of customers needing help with service and repair.

The mission at RepairPal is to bring transparency to auto repair and help both shops and consumers by giving the right information about repair.  Brake jobs are expensive--the last time I had them done on my Pathfinder, the bill was $400 for the front axle only--legitimately!  Some deals are too good to be true and may designed to get you in the door.  It pays to educate yourself before setting an appointment.

You can read the full article here:

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