Air Cars: Another Gas Substitute?

By Andy Y - November 3rd 2008

Today, the Internet is alight with information and speculation about investment in Air Cars, or cars running on compressed air as fuel.  You can see details in Carol Bengle Gilbert's article.

The excitement over alternative fuels and approaches to powering our cars is great for the industry, but one thing we've taken note of at RepairPal is that change in the automobile industry is very slow.  New models have a life of about 6 years, or longer, and new technologies take a long time to catch on and prove to consumers that they work.  Case in point: how long was the Prius around before it gained serious support?  Additionally, the auto repair industry is still learning the fundamentals of hybrids!

We'll watch with interest and see how new entrants to this huge business perform.  Especially interesting is the future of Tesla Motors, who in one artlcle about Air Cars was linked to the technology.  When the time comes, we'll be ready to scramble and figure out how much it costs to fix an air compressor instead of a fuel pump!

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