Additional Repairs Needed

By Robert Isbell - March 26th 2009

This is the latest in a series of blog posts that our Honda expert, Robert Isbell, is writing for RepairPal. Robert has worked at Honda dealerships for over 22 years as a technician, shop foreman and service manager. He has developed and led new owner clinics that educate new owners about their cars and he will be contributing to  our blog to educate our visitors about the methods for getting the most out of your service experience.

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                                    Additional Repairs Are Needed

You have your vehicle in the shop and you get the call from the shop that additional repairs are needed. The technician has had time to look over your vehicle and has a status report on the condition.

Just as if you were to go to five different doctors for the same symptoms and get five different opinions, the same is true for technicians evaluating your vehicle. Some techs will nit pick every little detail and others will only look at the major issues. To help with these matters each issue should be broken down into two categories, one for safety items and one for non safety items. This will help in making a decision as to what work you want done, and what priority it should be done.

Once the list is made and you get the report of what your vehicle needs, it's ultimately up to you to decide what you want done. The information should be laid out in a way that the layman can understand and comprehend fully. Sometimes I use digital photographs to show broken parts. If the customer is in the shop, I have taken them under their vehicle to show them the particular issue. There should be full transparency when it comes to any issue with your vehicle.

In the end you should feel that the repairs to your vehicle were necessary and even though the bill is never fun to pay, you feel that you got good value for the money spent. Use the RepairPrice Estimator to check how much a repair should cost.

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