The Very Green LA Auto Show

By Barbara Gnos - November 19th 2008

The LA Auto Show is one of the big car events of the season, it starts this Friday the 21st and continues through the 30th.  The LA Auto Show seems to be the venue of choice for learning about the latest hybrid technology -- it has turned into the place to show off new green, alternative automobiles. 

With the LA Auto Show about to start, the big manufacturers are reaching out with exciting news about their alternative vehicles about to appear in the months ahead.  Today, Ford announced that it plans to beat Toyota when it comes to hybrids.  

The new Fords will get a minimum of 39MPG and will be able to cruise at 47MPH on electric power alone (more than the competition).  With Ford formally trying to “out hybrid” Toyota, I’m sure we’ll see the other guys making similar announcements soon. 

You can read more about today’s LA Auto Show announcements here.

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