Stirling: The World’s First Hybrid Electric Car

By Barbara Gnos - November 10th 2008
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According to the Associated Press, Dean Kamen, the inventor of the famed Segway scooter, has created the first hybrid electric car based upon the Stirling engine.

The Stirling engine was first developed by Robert Stirling, a Scottish clergyman and inventor, in 1816.  A Stirling engine uses external heat to drive the internal pistons – the heat is applied to the outside of the cylinder walls to power the engine. 

Dean Kamen’s prototype Stirling engine can be found in what he's calling the DEKA Revolt.  What a fantastic name – I imagine that DEKA is a phonetic derivative of DEan KAmen’s name.  Kamen’s Stirling engine will take you 60 miles on a single charge (and apparently with nearly zero emissions).

And great news -- Kamen expects to have the car in production within two years.  Sign me up!

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